called to serve

called to serve

Monday, December 28, 2015

Mostly just going to be pictures this week because there are lots and I want to make sure you get them! This first picture is a picture of the family that lives across the street and help us with everything! They are the Alfado Family. She cooks for us every day at lunch and he is serving as the 2nd counselor I belive in the bishopric and does so many things for us every day. We read a chapter in the Book of Mormon every night with their family and it is so fun. They make us feel right at home

From Left to Right : Emily (Baby) Ernesto (Father) Veronica (Mother) Nicole (my bestie) Hermana Crowley and me, Fran (Ernestos brother) Alejandro (Ernestos brother) and Roberto (the baptism from this week and Ale´s friend)

This woman lives down the street from us. We had heard that her mother passed away and one day were lucky enough to talk to her in the street. She goes to the Evangelical (I believe thats Evangelist in English) church so we are reeeeeaaaaalllly lucky to be talking to her. Many people in that church refuse to talk to us and are really generally unkind. She invited us over for Christmas dinner (our 3rd dinner that night) and we are hoping to begin teaching her soon!

This was after our first Christmas dinner with the patriarch in our ward and his wife Rosie. They are such loving kind people and we love them very much. This is also the home of the bishop and his wife Marlenny who is the daughter of Rosie. (Everyone EVERYONE is related in Turín)

​This was at our district meeting on Christmas Eve...we made French Toast and....had a flour war.

This is my district leader, Elder Garcia....this was his idea.

We played a game where our district leader read a paragraph in Predicad Mi Evangelio, our companions had to find where it was...and we dug in the flour....with our faces to find the coins to win the game. Good excuse for a shower in the middle of a hot day. 

Just washing clothes....I´m never going to get my laundry hour...and like 8 pieces of clothing.

Also had a good NDH with the Alfado Family  and one of our investigators Mynor. We talked about the things we are thankful for and had marshmallows and hot chocolate on the back patio. I have alot of hope for this kid! 

NDH with the family Alfaro...and a little look at El Salvador homes...I am told they change the paint color of their houses every year. Its so fun!

​About half of the hermanas in our mission after the Mission Christmas party

They thought my burnt crisp marshmallows were funny....nothing better than a burnt marshmallow and some hot chocolate. 

​Ate 6 of these on Christmas....and have to do it again on New Years because everyone wants to feed your...and your a missionary so you have to eat it...we are still recovering..Also, so much for all the weight I lost when I first got here.

Took my first ride in one of the tiny taxis was kinda fun to speed down the streets of El Salvador even though it felt like you were going to fall out and die. 

​It was a good Christmas here in El Salvador...thanks for the package!

And my favorite part about Christmas day....Roberto´s baptism! He was an investigator of the elders...but we claim him too! We read scriptures with him every night....and you can just tell...he has a true testimony! I love this work!

This is kevin...we picked him up for the ward party...and he even brought with him his Book of Mormon...when we went to pick him up on sunday he walked out in a white shirt and slacks with his Book of Mormon. Every time someone says we are going to read something...he brightens up and asks "in El Libro de Mormon?" There is nothing better. 

​Last night we enjoyed making papusas with this sweet family...we have only been doing service for them since we have been here but finally got a chance to do some talking about the church last night...As I was sitting there all I could think is....Hes going to be a great bishop one day.

​Happy Holidays from beautiful El Salvador!

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