called to serve

called to serve

Monday, January 4, 2016

A week of weirdness.

This week was a good....and a very strange week. We had some very unique experiences this week...but first I will talk about my investigators and things. 

We had some new challenges this week. Two of those three sisters we are teaching are minors and although they want to get baptized, their dad is completely against it. We were able to sit down with him this week and ask him what his duros (no say in English) were with them getting baptized. He mostly just said he doesn't feel as though they can know enough to make such an important decision. So we are hopefully going to be able to catch him at home more this week and help him through that. BUT Alexandra is so ready. We were supposed to be baptizing her on the 10th so we are praying that her dad can understand a little more this week why she wants this. She told us about a dream that she had had this last week that The Savior led her to a pool of water and told her to enter...and the more she thought about it...she realized that was her answer. What a miracle! Pray with us for her and her dad!

Mynor is the young man we had with us at the NDH with familia Alfaro. We are excited about him. He attended church with us this week and really seemed to like it. He is such a nice kid, but has grown up in such sad conditions. Hermana Crowley and I had a good cry the other night as we talked about him. His mother has had several boyfriends and there are I don't even know how many kids in her house. Their house is in such a sad condition even for here. The guy who his mom is dating now is a huffie. (which i believe is a leader of a gang). Hes kinda scary...hes been nice to us every time we are there but it makes us really worry about Mynor. The other day we saw his gang outside the house and the mother crying and really angry walking down the street and something bad going on. We are worried we aren't going to be able to teach him anymore because of the gang. We will see i guess. He is keeping commitments now...and is hopefully switching jobs this week so he can go to church every Sunday with us. We are hoping to baptize him on the 6th of February

We have several others that we are meeting with...but not really moving towards baptism with any of them except for these three and Yenifer (the 8 year old who is getting baptized on the 24th). We talked to 111 new people on the street this week and have lots of places to get to this week! The work is good though! I am loving it! There is nothing better than this. I'm even lucky enough to get an extra week of it......sorry to drop the bomb....but because of changes with the time in the MTC...i will be coming home a week later than we expected. I will you see you the day after your birthday Mom!

And now the weirdness....
.1. Last Monday night we had gone back to our house to grab something we had forgotten and as we started to walk down the road I saw a man pop out from behind our house. I couldn't tell how many their were but all I could tell is that there were more than one and they were dressed in all black with guns on their hips. Its dark on almost every street but when we turned around we could see just enough to know that they had started to follow us...very quickly.. We panicked, but restrained ourselves from running. Luckily, even though it was late at night...we could see one family a ways down the road...We finally decided to get to them and talk with them as quick as we could. My heart was beating so fast. Then when the men finally passed by us we realized they were policeman...which settled us a little...but we still got away from there quickly. Kinda sad you even have to be afraid of the policeman. 

2. I killed a chicken this week. I will send you the picture soon. The family Alfaro bought a chicken for New Years dinner and well....i was so scared I suffocated it long before I got the knife to cut its throat. So I feel pretty bad about that. 

3. The lady that i told you about who is evangelical who we are hoping to teach soon invited us over for dinner but when we got there she wasn't there. She showed up at our house that night with her granddaughter and offered to bring us over food...when she came back we asked if there was anything we could do for her. She started telling us all about how she felt that we were her angels to fill the hole she had left when her mom passed away. It was all so nice...Then she started chanting this weird blessing thing....then next thing i know..she raised her hands and started coming toward me. I was TERRIFIED. I had no idea what was happening. She grabbed my head with both of her hands and started shaking it quite hardly and started shouting a blessing to God. I was trying so hard not to laugh...especially after my companion let out a few snorts. Then she moved to my companion after about 5 minutes and did the same. We died laughing that night...but we are very grateful for her love.

4. The old men here are creepy...but this was the first week i had any of them be too close to me. This man on the street came up and grabbed my backpack and started hugging me and telling me how beautiful I am in about 15 different ways...then tried to kiss me.....we do everything we can to avoid him now. 

Well I guess my times up...but I love you all so much! God is real! The church is true! And the book is blue! 

​We painted the house of a couple of members this week. They are a newly married couple and are just moving was so fun!

​​Also...just a little selfie. We had to take a break in the shade yesterday it was so hot. So we stopped for some water and a selfie before we headed back out. :)

​El Salvador is beautiful..took a drive out to a members house with some ward members yesterday. I am amazed by the beauty here every day! 

​Forgot to share in my letter...went on intercambios this week...spent some time with this beauty, Hermana Timoteo in El Refugio. I hope I never get called to that is terrifying. In fact, the elders got kidnapped last year so we had to travel by bus into the area from their apartment which is a good 10 minutes outside of the area. It was fun...but i hope I never have to go back. 

This is Kevin...he is 9 years old and is so excited about the church! We are trying to find a time to work with his grandparents so we can baptize him. This picture was at the ward Christmas party...we were covered in confetti from the young women`s skit. He was so sweet and spent the rest of the party brushing it out of all of the hermanas hair. It was a fun night :)

And here's the picture of the chicken i killed with Veronica and Nicole. I promise I didn't get any blood on my new apron. Thanks Grandma Petersen! 

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