called to serve

called to serve

Monday, April 24, 2017

This week everything was so much better. We have had several struggles throughout this change, but this week was really really good. My companion and I are starting to work together again and of course, that makes all the difference. We were able to find some really good investigators this week. Yesterday, we had a unforgettable experience for me. We were contacting in an area that we found this last week and a woman came to the window to see what we wanted. When she saw who we were, she said that she didn't have time to talk and started to turn away. We told her that we just wanted to share a pass along card with her and return another day. With the attitude that she didn't want us to come back, she said just tell me now what you are here for and stood firmly in the window. So, I started to ask her a few questions to get to know her religious background and what she really needed to hear. She shared with us that she was Catholic but didn't go to church all that often. We then asked her why she had chosen to be catholic and she shared with us her feelings about Mary. After a few more questions that we asked, she then started to share with us that she didn't attend church because she did not like the way the the Catholic father preaches. She was later able to share with us that she felt that he was not worthy of his position in the church. I was amazed by the way that the Holy Ghost guided us through inspired questions to know what very quickly what her need was and how we could share with her the Restoration of the gospel. We talked about the authority of God and how He had only commanded the people that they should listen to His apostles because they were the only ones in authority to teach. We then shared our testimonies of a current prophet of God on the earth and the look on her face changed. We mentioned to her that we knew that God had sent us to her door because she had been chosen to receive his true gospel. She shared with us that she had been feeling desirous to congregate in a church and had decided to go to an evangelical church, but something had been impeding her. She accepted to read and told us that it was because she really wanted to know. And when we told her that we wanted to go back another day she said of course you can. It was amazing. We could have just shared quickly the pass along card and left, as she didnt show interest at first, but now I see that God had been preparing her and our efforts were worth it. I am excited to work with all that I can this week and to find more of these chosen investigators. I love being a missionary. I am so so grateful for my testimony of the gospel and am so thankful for the opportunity to keep sharing it. I have to admit, I am so so so sad that my time here has almost come to end, but something I have come to understand is that my call as a missionary never ends. I love this gospel. I love my Savior and I will be his disciple forever.
Love you all so so much, and I will see you a few short days.
Hermana Stoor

​We had LOTS of splits this favorite...a morning split with my best friend Hermana Romero while her companion went to San Salvador. It was a great surprise! ❤❤❤❤❤

​I also really enjoyed a split with Hermana Bello (the missionary by my companion) She is from Mexico and is a excellent new missionary!

​I let my companion do my hair.......It was cool but I felt like a ghetto girl. 
 ​The cat of a new investigator.....he has a mustache. 
​My companion made a Peruvian dish of fried tomato, onion, steak bites and french fries. It was super delicious! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Not much from this week. It was "Semana Santa" so everyone left for the beach this week and our area was EMPTY. except for a bunch of Catholics doing their parades. Lots of fun and kinda weird traditions here in El Salvador for this week. Things are getting a little better with my companion. I am just trying to enjoy the mission the most that i can these last few weeks. I assure you that I am just fine and enjoying all the time that I have left. Sorry for ANOTHER short letter....but I love you all and send my best wishes from El Salvador!!!
Hermana Stoor

 ​Smoothies on a P-day...already saying my goodbyes.
​I had to take money out of my account because my shoes just weren't going to make it another 3 weeks. 
 ​My last zone meeting was last week....they even sang me goodbye. haha They are all trunky. 
​We made pastelitos with Familia Peña....they are fried potato cakes....something similar to that. 
​We were in splits that day as well....selfie with Hermana Cuyan :)
​& Hermana Vargas
 ​Do you remember Hermana Chapman? My favorite splits by far. :)
 ​We took the matresses down from the second floor so we could all sleep in the same room. haha It was a fun night :)
​And a project that I did a few weeks ago. Hermana Spjut taught us the whole story of the Book of Mormon in 20 minutes and it sparked my desire to make a story line as well...its a little crazy....but it was a blast. 
​And a picture of our cute little lunch group on Monday :) You may recognize a few faces...Hermana Martinez ❤

Monday, April 10, 2017

My dearest family,
This week has been one of the hardest weeks I believe I have had in my whole mission. I dont really know how to explain what I am feeling, and sorry if this letter turns out really sad, but I have to let it out to someone. haha Since the beginning of these last two changes I have really struggled with my companion but this week it was worse than what I can handle. BUT I am trying to just have patience a little longer and hope that everything can get better this week. Sad news as well....we were supposed to have a baptism of a family on the 29th of this month and they were going to get married on the 23rd...but they informed us yesterday that they are moving to the other side of the country at the end of this week. so that is really sad as well....but we still have hopes of another family baptism for the 6th of May....I am praying real hard for that so that Mom and Dad can be there too!
Anyways....really sad this short sad letter....but just know i am fine. I will be just fine! Love you all! 
And hope that you have an excellent week!
Hermana Stoor