called to serve

called to serve

Monday, December 28, 2015

Mostly just going to be pictures this week because there are lots and I want to make sure you get them! This first picture is a picture of the family that lives across the street and help us with everything! They are the Alfado Family. She cooks for us every day at lunch and he is serving as the 2nd counselor I belive in the bishopric and does so many things for us every day. We read a chapter in the Book of Mormon every night with their family and it is so fun. They make us feel right at home

From Left to Right : Emily (Baby) Ernesto (Father) Veronica (Mother) Nicole (my bestie) Hermana Crowley and me, Fran (Ernestos brother) Alejandro (Ernestos brother) and Roberto (the baptism from this week and Ale´s friend)

This woman lives down the street from us. We had heard that her mother passed away and one day were lucky enough to talk to her in the street. She goes to the Evangelical (I believe thats Evangelist in English) church so we are reeeeeaaaaalllly lucky to be talking to her. Many people in that church refuse to talk to us and are really generally unkind. She invited us over for Christmas dinner (our 3rd dinner that night) and we are hoping to begin teaching her soon!

This was after our first Christmas dinner with the patriarch in our ward and his wife Rosie. They are such loving kind people and we love them very much. This is also the home of the bishop and his wife Marlenny who is the daughter of Rosie. (Everyone EVERYONE is related in Turín)

​This was at our district meeting on Christmas Eve...we made French Toast and....had a flour war.

This is my district leader, Elder Garcia....this was his idea.

We played a game where our district leader read a paragraph in Predicad Mi Evangelio, our companions had to find where it was...and we dug in the flour....with our faces to find the coins to win the game. Good excuse for a shower in the middle of a hot day. 

Just washing clothes....I´m never going to get my laundry hour...and like 8 pieces of clothing.

Also had a good NDH with the Alfado Family  and one of our investigators Mynor. We talked about the things we are thankful for and had marshmallows and hot chocolate on the back patio. I have alot of hope for this kid! 

NDH with the family Alfaro...and a little look at El Salvador homes...I am told they change the paint color of their houses every year. Its so fun!

​About half of the hermanas in our mission after the Mission Christmas party

They thought my burnt crisp marshmallows were funny....nothing better than a burnt marshmallow and some hot chocolate. 

​Ate 6 of these on Christmas....and have to do it again on New Years because everyone wants to feed your...and your a missionary so you have to eat it...we are still recovering..Also, so much for all the weight I lost when I first got here.

Took my first ride in one of the tiny taxis was kinda fun to speed down the streets of El Salvador even though it felt like you were going to fall out and die. 

​It was a good Christmas here in El Salvador...thanks for the package!

And my favorite part about Christmas day....Roberto´s baptism! He was an investigator of the elders...but we claim him too! We read scriptures with him every night....and you can just tell...he has a true testimony! I love this work!

This is kevin...we picked him up for the ward party...and he even brought with him his Book of Mormon...when we went to pick him up on sunday he walked out in a white shirt and slacks with his Book of Mormon. Every time someone says we are going to read something...he brightens up and asks "in El Libro de Mormon?" There is nothing better. 

​Last night we enjoyed making papusas with this sweet family...we have only been doing service for them since we have been here but finally got a chance to do some talking about the church last night...As I was sitting there all I could think is....Hes going to be a great bishop one day.

​Happy Holidays from beautiful El Salvador!

Monday, December 21, 2015


☀Feliz Navidad from sunny El Salvador! ☀
It hardly feels like Christmas because it is so stinkin hot. haha I can hardly believe also that I get to talk to you in just a few days...face to face! kind of....we get to skype! The plan...if everything works to call at 11:00 from a members home! We write in a stake center in Atiquizaya but they don't have I really hope this all works out perfectly...I don't have a skype set im going to have to do that and then I will take your username and call you. If not...I will use my companions. So just be on a little while before 11 and I will do my best to get through to you! 

It was a good/rough week in Turìn. Last week, we had an awesome week. In fact, President Spjut even called to congratulate us for such a big week. This week was a little slower because lots of people are gone for the holidays and we had alot of stuff going on so we didn't get as much time to get out and work...but it was still so good! We had an investigator agree to a baptismal date this I guess you could call it a successful week! Her name is Jenifer...she is 10 years old and she is so excited to be baptized. Her family has been inactive for a while...but the have just recently been reactivated and we have been working with her dad to get the priesthood. He hasn't wanted to because he hasn't felt worthy...but we finally got him to agree to receive the priesthood on the 24th of Enero. The little girl doesn't want to be baptized until she can be baptized by her we got a date! 

We have 4 investigators progressing right now...three of which I am so so so excited about it. I know without a doubt in my mind they were prepared before we started teaching them to hear the message of the restoration. We started teaching them a couple days after I got here and I can already see the difference in them. They are three sisters, Alexandra, Kayla and Karla. They are so sweet...I think we are shooting for the 7th of January with Alexandra and the other two within the next couple weeks after. I am holding out alot of hope with them. I love them so much.

A few interesting things from this week....ate cow stomach on that was gross. My companion and I have been sick ever since. And saw my first reeeeeaaaaally scary thing in El Salvador last night. We were on our way back from dinner last night at about 9:15 and two trucks passed us with a bunch of men wearing all black with black face masks. Freaked me out a little....but then what really freaked me out was they turned around and drove past us again. I have never felt my heart pound so hard. We hurried just as quick as we could back to our house....and all is good...I just hope we never see them again. 

Other than that Turìn is good...the people are all so so nice. I love it here! Its weird to not be home at Christmas time...but I am so happy to be here too. I know without a doubt in my heart that I am supposed to be here. I see ways that people have been prepared for us every day. Love you all so much! Les deseo una Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Stoor

​Here is where we wash our clothes in the back yard

​And here's my bed!

​Our study room 

and our cute Christmas tree :)

​This is our house...its so cute! And that is Ernesto and Veronica's dog (our cocinera who lives across the street)

​Our house is huge! Here is the kitchen..

Went to San Salvador this week to get my official residency in El Salvador..these are the Elders and sisters that came with me from the CCM to the mission. They are so fun!

​ Also didn't have water...most of the days this week...but one day we got lucky and there was still some water coming out of the hydrant where we wash our clothes...barely enough to get our hair washed..but we were soooo happy.

Here I am eating cow was gross and I really hope I never have to do that again. But we are so grateful for our cocinera..she is the best! I have loved every meal except this one.

​We sat in the middle of the woods in the dark for a good half hour singing hymns and waiting for a family to get home. Apparently that's considered normal and safe here. haha So I had to take a picture.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Going to be a short letter because the computers kept freezing up on me...but I will share some of the quick things that happened this week! Mom and Dad you will have to share your conversations on the blog so at least the siblings get the answers to those questions. 

The bus ride here was beautiful from what I saw...It was super windy and I hadn't ridden in a car for over a i was suuuuper sick. I was either throwing up or sleeping trying not the throw up the whole way. But other than that it was good.. customs was scary...but a breeze. I was worried they were going to ask me lots of questions...but they didn't so it was okay! We didn't end up staying the night in the mission home because we were a day late. We just got our companions and they sent us off! I guess you got the email from president about that...but what he said in the email is so right! My companion is wonderful! Her name is Whitney Crowley from Utah. I actually knew her brother Sam up at BYUI! She is a hard hard worker and a super loving, patient person. Exactly the trainer I need! 

Turin is the name of the city I am in. The people are so loving and so willing to help. The members are so awesome! Church yesterday was a scary idea as well, but the members are all so understanding of my Spanish and welcomed me with warm hugs and kisses! Atiquizaya is the name of my zone and i think stake as well. The town is super cute and is exactly how i was imagining...dirt roads...lots of trees. I LITERALLY LIVE IN A RAINFOREST. Probably not what the people around here consider a rainforest..but i do. Its so crazy! Some of the houses and people are really scary. BUT I FEEL SO SAFE. The only thing that scares me is when we walk down the main road at night...there are no speed limits and they drive FAST. The buses are also scary to sure you know a little about that Dad. They fly around every corner and over every bump...there are all together way too many people on just squeeze whereever you can fit. But I have survived I think 4 of them now im an old pro. 

Its going to take me a while to get used to the insects and little animals. This week, I got attacked by literally hundreds of ants when I apparently sat down in the wrong place. They were biting me all over my legs, inside my shoes...everywhere! I also had a mouse crawl up on my foot while I was teaching. So that was cool. AND I HAVE MORE MOSQUITO BITES THAN I CAN COUNT. You don't even see them here...but they must be everywhere. I also held a brand new born bunny this week...not the one in the was about the size of my thumb and hairless. Kinda gross..kinda cool.

My house is huge. We are really so blessed. Tile floors...bug nets...a refrigerator..its the life. WE wash our dishes and our clothes out back in a cement wash bay thingy. Guess I will learn today how to wash clothes by hand. We will see how that goes :) I think doing the dishes is kind of fun...never thought i would say that. I think when they sent out that email that said we would have running water everywhere we went...they just tell us that so our trainers have something to laugh about. We have running water....sometimes. If your lucky its in the morning after exercise. It just depends. haha 

My Spanish is....sad. I feel like I forgot everything I learned in the CCM. But i do my best. I taught one full lesson about the Book of Mormon by myself yesterday so I guess its improving. I mostly spend all day just trying to figure out what people are saying, including my companion. haha A little about my investigators....Sipriano Escalante....thought he was going to be getting baptized next week...but he told us last night he isn't even thinking about it. So we will see...Alexandra and Kaela and Karla and Noemi Rivera are my biggest hope right now. Only two of them came to church yesterday...but I really hope we can get the whole family baptized. Noemi is the mom and she is unsure for herself but said she thinks it is okay for Alexandra. Alexandra has been coming to church for about a month now. We just had the first two lessons with the others, but I think they can get there. I'm sure there is potential in some others...we just have to find it. We are doing everything we can...we practically run. Its so great. SOOOOOO HOT. But so awesome. I'm going to have some intense calf muscles by the time I come home if I stay in the mountains.

Guess my time is up....just know, I'm happy, healthy and although i struggle and want to cry every single day, there is nowhere else I would rather be. This work is Gods work and his hand is  in every detail. I see little miracles every single day that prove that. God is real. This church is true. And the book is blue. Stay true! I love you all with all of my heart. 

Hermana Stoor

Hermana Schiess, Hermana Franco from Colombia and Hermana Escalera from Puerto Rico...roomies for the last two weeks in the CCM

​My district in the CCM at the Guatemalan temple...these are the best people. Definitely going to be life long friends....Elder Dylan Thomas, Sam Lowder, Riley Sligting, Taylor, Zac Nielsen, Frankie Mattiaccio, Jaden Rock, Ammon Olson, me and Hermana Riley Schiess

This is Pancha...met him yesterday at one of the members homes. So many animals everywhere!

 Elder Galicia, Elder Flygare, Hermana Crowley and me after church yesterday. We are the only missionaries in our area...lots of area so cover so we have lots of work to do!
 Not supposed to hold an illegal picture. BUT the little boy practically threw it at we took a picture! In the home of one member teaching her 3 nieces who are 8,8 and 12...avoided the men behind me in the picture. They were creepy and drunk.

Friday, December 11, 2015

We are happy to announce that your daughter, Megan Evelyn Stoor, has safely arrived in our mission!

Dear Stoor Family,
            We are happy to announce that your daughter, Megan Evelyn Stoor, has safely arrived in our mission. Soon after her arrival, we enjoyed getting to know her, and we can tell that she is going to be a great missionary. We are grateful for the sacrifices you and your missionary have made that allow her to be here. We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will pour out his blessings upon your family. We are very happy to have your daughter with us and we know she will bless the lives of many people here in the great country of El Salvador.
She has been assigned to the area of Turin 2 in the Atiquizaya Stake. Her companion is Hermana Crowley from United States.  She is a determined, hardworking missionary who is diligent in the Lord´s work. We expect to see great success from this companionship.
President and Sister Spjut

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I made it!

El Salvador is so beautiful! I have never seen so many trees in my whole life. Just writing real quick to tell you that I am safe...don't know much yet. My mission president and wife are so sweet! They just got out the pillows so I don't know how long we will be here but it looks like at least tonight! I love you all so so much! I will talk to you in a few days!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You will never believe who is still in Guatemala. The CCM loves me too much.

Well, i am still in Guatemala. Hopefully leaving in the morning! Last night, the CCM recieved a late call that there are a bunch of manifestations going on in la caille. Many of la cailles (cant think of that word in English)...are blocked and so me and a few other missionaries are stuck here for at least another day. I found out last night that I will be traveling by bus! It will be around a 2 hour however much time it takes to get through the borders of both Guatemala and El Salvador. Hopefully all will go well there...Hermano of the administrators here told me that I am going to have to be extra careful, that El Salvador is the scariest place in the whole world for sister missionaries and I am going to have to go through customs at the borders by myself because I am the only Norte that's a little scary. But I will be protected I know! Something that has become a real reality to me over the past couple of weeks is the hand of the Lord in our lives. I am saying lots of prayers and know I will be protected. Sooooo...hopefully I will be out of the CCM tomorrow morning at 5:30 and on my way to El Salvador! 

It really is such a blessing in disguise I think, one more day here. We went to the temple this morning as usual and I found a renewed strength as I felt the comforting hand of the Lord. I am so ready for this! I repeated over and over in prayer as I sat in the temple....YO ESTOY LISTA! YO ESTOY LISTA! I feel so prepared..spiritually, mentally and in all other ways to get to the field. I´m going to walk up to my mission president tomorrow morning and ask him to put me in the hardest area he's got. I'm ready to get the baptisms rolling in El Salvador. I may not speak perfect Spanish...but I am going to talk to everyone. YO ESTOY LISTA! Lots of preparedness lessons. Don't worry Mom! When I get kidnapped or robbed, I know just what to do. ;) I feel more spiritually prepared than I have the whole time here!  Ahhh I just want to be there so bad. 

This week was good...survived a good earthquake yesterday...two actually. We were sitting in an orientation studying Predicad Mi Evangelio and the whole room started to shake...then it stopped for about 10 seconds and then came again. It was so cool! Then the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside...that was it. But us Nortes were pretty stoked! The songs went good! It was terrifying but they got me on some new antibiotics that kicked everything out of my system and my throat cleared out. One of the MANY miracles this week! We sang Estrella de Luz and What Child is This. It was scary looking at all the dignitaries..but so fun!  BEST THING FROM THIS WEEK....I taught my first real person a full lesson! He was a menos activo and said that he had not been to church for about three years. I talked to him about his job for a little while because he is in the music industry. SUPER COOL GUY! Then I began to ask him a little about his life. I asked him if he was happy. He said his family made him happy but otherwise no. I then shared this scripture with him: Mosiah 2:41. Then as I started to ask him a question to think about as he read, he put his hand over his mouth. (At first I thought he was laughing, so i was really worried about what I said wrong in Spanish, but then, he started to cry. He was sobbing so much that he could barely finish reading the scripture. The Spirit swarmed into the room. He looked up at me after a couple minutes and I asked him what he was feeling. He looked straight at me and said "I really feel that I need to go to church.I am going to take my family to church and not hold them back from this happiness any more." Then of course I started bawling. I realized in that moment, what they have always said is true. It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter if you don't have perfect Spanish. You are a missionary that holds the power of God. I didn't do anything in that lesson. The Spirit worked through me. He touched the heart of that man. 

Well..just found out we have to get off early..but know that I love you all! And you are in my prayers! Good luck Shelb with your play! I know you will do awesome! I love to you in El Salvador when I get there!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Feliz Dia de accíon de Gracia!

Looked like a good dinner at Grandmas house! Thanks for the picture Dad! Sad i missed out but they fed us a good meal here on Thanksgiving as well! I have gotten lots of questions about food....The cook here is an international cook. We have food from all over! Hermana Cox says he has been practicing for weeks and we could tell! It was so yummy! The foods almost always good here...hard to get used to eating frijoles for breakfast...but i´m getting there! Theres always way too much food too! Sometimes all I feel like we do here is eat. haha They always have a good meal...and there is a fruit and salad bar to go with every meal! And Dad..the guatemalan food is so good...lots of spicy...lots of tamales...lots of rice and beans.  Anyways...enough about food. I have a lot to share this week! 

The biggest thing from my week was...I recieved a calling as a Hermana Leader and Music leader for my Rama (branch). My main responsibilities are for the medicinal needs of the hermanas...conduct nightly devotionals...choose the music and find piano players and dirigirs (?? directors) for all Sunday meetings and devotionals (which is about 10) the eyes and ears for Hermana Cox...shut out lights and make sure the Hermanas are in their beds at 10:30 with lights out each night....and basically just be the right hand lady for Hermana Cox. Its alot. But I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have already had to stretch my Spanish even more. I have gotten to know the new hermanas quickly and very well. I have felt so much love and gratitude come into every day since i started. The new hermanas are so so sweet! They have brought such an awesome spirit into the CCM. I am still working hard on names...I cant count how many times a day i hear my name and my heart just drops because i dont know theres yet. But it will come! The past two nights have been full of hermanas knocking on my door at im going to have to figure out some better time management. But I love this chance to serve them. And im so grateful the Lord and Presidente and Hermana Cox have enough trust in me to have me do this. Its nice to sit down with them and  chat about each of the girls. Makes me realize how blessed I am.

My health has been suffering this week...but Presidente Cox told me to write home and tell you first...that I AM GOING TO BE FINE:) I am happy...and will be healthy soon! I got strep throat again and symptoms of bronchitis as well....they put me on some antibiotics.(Erithmiricin) and It has pretty much gotten rid of the sore throat...but my body is having a weird reaction to the medicine. I am having sharp shooting pains in my stomach...we don't know why...but they are working to figure it out. I spent most of the day yesterday lying in bed, but I asked some of the elders in my district to give me a priesthood blessing and I am already feeling better. I am so grateful for the power in the priesthood. Because of it...I was able to sleep most of the night and attend the temple this morning for my last time before I leave for El Salvador! I know Heavenly Father watches over his missionaries. I have felt him very close over the past couple of days as I have been sick. I know with his help I will be ready to sing tomorrow!  

Kind of crazy to think  I will be in the field next week! My next letter (whatever day that might be.) will be from El Salvador! I dont feel ready yet...but I am so excited to get out there! Im hoping for a good Latina companion that knows a little English and can help me along! I can pretty much understand what the Latinos say to me...just don't know how to conjugate well enough for some of them to understand me. I have Latina roommates again...they are so good! Hermana Escalera from Puerto Rico always tell me i am her favorite English teacher...She and her companion Hermana Franco from Baranquilla, Columbia are so sweet! I just love Latinas! Im going to miss the Latinas that attend the temple with us every week as well. There is one elderly hermana, Hermana Villagín who has been there every time with us. She sat with me today in the celestial room and just cried  and hugged and kissed me. She has such a sweet spirit about her. I was definitely supposed to come to a Latin country for a reason. I feel so much love every day. It is comforting.

The spirit has been so close this week at the CCM. This week I have gained a true testimony of the power of the priesthood and of the reality of the Atonement of my Savior. If you come to know the Atonement, it will carry you. It has carried me, especially this week. We all have trials, but we have every reason to stand tall. We have the Savior and our Heavenly Father on our side. ETHER 12:27 Please pray for my investigators. Thank you for your prayers for me, but dont forget my investigators. I know there are angels there preparing their hearts to recieve my message of the restored gospel. I know with all of my heart that this gopel is true. I wish everyone could recieve it and feel the true joy that comes through it. My life would be nothing without the Savior. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me the truth, and for binding our family as an eternal family. I love you all. And pray for you at least 20 times daily. 

Hermana Stoor