called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You will never believe who is still in Guatemala. The CCM loves me too much.

Well, i am still in Guatemala. Hopefully leaving in the morning! Last night, the CCM recieved a late call that there are a bunch of manifestations going on in la caille. Many of la cailles (cant think of that word in English)...are blocked and so me and a few other missionaries are stuck here for at least another day. I found out last night that I will be traveling by bus! It will be around a 2 hour however much time it takes to get through the borders of both Guatemala and El Salvador. Hopefully all will go well there...Hermano of the administrators here told me that I am going to have to be extra careful, that El Salvador is the scariest place in the whole world for sister missionaries and I am going to have to go through customs at the borders by myself because I am the only Norte that's a little scary. But I will be protected I know! Something that has become a real reality to me over the past couple of weeks is the hand of the Lord in our lives. I am saying lots of prayers and know I will be protected. Sooooo...hopefully I will be out of the CCM tomorrow morning at 5:30 and on my way to El Salvador! 

It really is such a blessing in disguise I think, one more day here. We went to the temple this morning as usual and I found a renewed strength as I felt the comforting hand of the Lord. I am so ready for this! I repeated over and over in prayer as I sat in the temple....YO ESTOY LISTA! YO ESTOY LISTA! I feel so prepared..spiritually, mentally and in all other ways to get to the field. I´m going to walk up to my mission president tomorrow morning and ask him to put me in the hardest area he's got. I'm ready to get the baptisms rolling in El Salvador. I may not speak perfect Spanish...but I am going to talk to everyone. YO ESTOY LISTA! Lots of preparedness lessons. Don't worry Mom! When I get kidnapped or robbed, I know just what to do. ;) I feel more spiritually prepared than I have the whole time here!  Ahhh I just want to be there so bad. 

This week was good...survived a good earthquake yesterday...two actually. We were sitting in an orientation studying Predicad Mi Evangelio and the whole room started to shake...then it stopped for about 10 seconds and then came again. It was so cool! Then the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside...that was it. But us Nortes were pretty stoked! The songs went good! It was terrifying but they got me on some new antibiotics that kicked everything out of my system and my throat cleared out. One of the MANY miracles this week! We sang Estrella de Luz and What Child is This. It was scary looking at all the dignitaries..but so fun!  BEST THING FROM THIS WEEK....I taught my first real person a full lesson! He was a menos activo and said that he had not been to church for about three years. I talked to him about his job for a little while because he is in the music industry. SUPER COOL GUY! Then I began to ask him a little about his life. I asked him if he was happy. He said his family made him happy but otherwise no. I then shared this scripture with him: Mosiah 2:41. Then as I started to ask him a question to think about as he read, he put his hand over his mouth. (At first I thought he was laughing, so i was really worried about what I said wrong in Spanish, but then, he started to cry. He was sobbing so much that he could barely finish reading the scripture. The Spirit swarmed into the room. He looked up at me after a couple minutes and I asked him what he was feeling. He looked straight at me and said "I really feel that I need to go to church.I am going to take my family to church and not hold them back from this happiness any more." Then of course I started bawling. I realized in that moment, what they have always said is true. It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter if you don't have perfect Spanish. You are a missionary that holds the power of God. I didn't do anything in that lesson. The Spirit worked through me. He touched the heart of that man. 

Well..just found out we have to get off early..but know that I love you all! And you are in my prayers! Good luck Shelb with your play! I know you will do awesome! I love to you in El Salvador when I get there!

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