called to serve

called to serve

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey family! 
I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours sure was good! I am mostly just going to send pics this week because I have a ton. But, everything is so good here! We found a TON of positive people this week, so we have lots and lots and lots of work to do :) We also set another baptismal date for the 31st of December! It was a true miracle! Her name is Mercedes...I will tell you more next week! I am loving being with Hermana Martinez! It is a struggle every day to overcome her fear, but she improves every day. AS WELL AS I DO. I have been learning so much! We made it our goal to fight more, because we dont know anything else we can do to make our companionship better and all sisters fight. So we will see how that goes this week. Maybe with a little more fighting we will learn to love each other even more. ;) Almost everyone mentioned the earthquakes and hurricanes in your letters. Dont worry! haha I am just fine. I enjoy it when the earth moves a little. Its like a little roller coaster. haha But yes things were a little shaky this week. I only felt 3 earthquakes but apparently there were more throughout the night... but I sleep like a rock. We will see what this next week brings.

LOVE YOU ALL! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Stoor

​A fun bandaid picture after our immunizations. :)

​Thanksgiving dinner❤ 

​Pumpkin pie. 

​Hermana Jensen (Winemucca, Nevada) and Hermana Houston (Utah)❤

​Just in case they didn't send you the was my note of gratefulness :)

​The Idahoans in the mission. ❤ Hermana Stokes (Preston) Elder Harris (i dont know) and Elder Channell (Boise)

​We made Christmas Ornaments :)

​We made Christmas Ornaments :)

​A picture with the catholic cathedral in Santa Ana this past Monday :)

​One of my best friends and my hermana leader now! Hermana Torres and I came together to the mission and I just think she is the most wonderful person I know! She is from Costa Rica :)

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hey family!
This week has been crazy busy, fun, nerveracking, and stressful, but so so wonderful! My new companion is Hermana Martinez! She is from Retauleu, San Felipe, Guatemala. My 4th Guatemalteca ;) She is the cream of the crop as I think you say in the states. I was so nervous to have a new companion that I didn't know anything about...but I am overjoyed to be with her! She is such a beautiful person and has good desires to work :) She is 22 and was baptized about 2 years ago. There is something about the testimony of a new convert that is so special. She has such an excitement about learning the gospel. It has been fun to read the scriptures and learn with her.  It is fun and hard to be with a new missionary. I have been learning the basics all over again this week and am trying to find the best way to help her. I have been reminded of my training...I left all of the talking up to my trainer and just did my best to stay awake in the lessons. haha Now the roles have flipped. But we have been practicing ALOT before we leave the house and she is feeling more and more comfortable every day. On Saturday she even invited an investigator to be baptized. I was so proud! I feel a pressure even more than ever to do all things the right way and be a good example for her. I know I will never come to be the perfect missionary or trainer, but I hope that when she finishes her training that she will have picked up some good habits from me and will always have a good attitude. I have already learned a ton from her. She is such a happy, patient person and does everything with a willing heart.

Hermano Manuel Acosta was baptized on Saturday! I am just so happy for him. This week, we saw a true repentance from him. When we went to visit him on Monday, we felt the need to ask him again if he was drinking coffee. He told us that he hadn't drank coffee since we had talked about the word of wisdom except for that morning. He ran out of milk so he had to drink coffee instead. I was devastated! We discussed with him the importance of keeping the word of wisdom and during the lesson, you could see that he felt really bad. We explained to him that what he was feeling was regret but that it could be alieved if he chose to repent. We invited him to pray with us and ask forgiveness from God and promise Him that he would never break the word of wisdom again. As he prayed, tears started to fall from his eyes. When we asked him what it was that he felt, he said he felt a peace and felt that God had forgiven him. He told me right before his baptism that he felt like it was Christmas day and that it would be the best day of his life. I haven't seen a smile so big in a long while as I saw yesterday on his face when he stood up to receive the gift of the holy ghost.  God has been preparing him for this for a long long time. It is such a beautiful thing to see how his life has changed now. I know he will be a strong member in the church for the rest of his life.

This week we found a ton of new investigators. Yesterday, we found a hermana named Mercedes. We had been contacting a ton of doors and I was feeling a little bad because my hija was feeling a little disanimated after about 20 minutes of not talking with hardly anyone positive. The last door that we decided to touch was a cute little white house in front of the house of the other missionaries. I hadn't ever contacted there, thinking that the other missionaries had wiped out the area, but as soon as Mercedes saw us out the window, she quickly opened the door and asked, before we even introduced ourselves, if we wanted to enter. So we went inside and had such a beautiful lesson with her! We shared the Book of Mormon and at the end, I invited her to come to church with us. She said yes! And even invited us to eat dinner with her tomorrow. When we left, I gave my hija a big hug and we had a good talk about how persistence and diligence bring miracles. God answered our prayers and gave us a miracle even bigger than what we had asked for.

Overall, it was a wonderful week. I am so happy to be here in Metapan with Hermana Martinez. I have been so blessed! We have made it our goal to have a baptism every week next transfer, so we are going to work like crazies to find a ton of people so that we can meet this goal. I know we can do it. We have been guided to so many wonderful people this week and if we keep working how we have been, I know God will keep blessing us for our efforts. This is the work of the Lord. All we have to do is have faith, be diligent, focused and obedient, and work for and with love. The holy ghost does the rest.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. My testimony has become firm in the Book of Mormon throughout my mission. As we have started the 12 week training program with my companion, I have been watching videos of how we can be better missionaries. In one of the videos, Elder Holland talked about The Book of Mormon. He said," No wicked man could write such a book as this; and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so.” I love the Book of Mormon so much and testify along with Elder Holland that it is true. It is so divine! It is so true! It is so necessary for each of us! It breaks my heart each time that someone here in El Salvador rejects the invitation to read it. I want to leave you all with my testimony that I KNOW THAT THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. I have felt that every time that I read it. And I invite each of you that read my letter, to read it a little more often. Read from the beginning until you finish it and I promise that whatever hard situation you are in will get better. You will have peace and joy in your life. I love this gospel and am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I am eternally grateful for my mission and all that I have learned and all that I continue to learn every day. I hope this  letter finds you all well and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love you all!

Hermana Stoor

​This is my daughter, Hermana Martinez. :)

​Here was our first picture together before we left the mission office :)

​Goodbye photo with Hermana Delgado :( 

​A picture or two with Manuel  from his baptism :)

​And just a picture to show that I finally learned how to tie a tie. :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear family,
What a week it has been. What a transfer really! I cant believe that I have already been here in Metapan for 6 weeks. I feel like the time just keeps going by faster and faster the more that I want it to slow down. I have had a great time here with Hermana Delgado. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but in the end, I think we both enjoyed being together. We learned ALOT from each other and were able to work well together. We learned to be more simple, more clear, and more direct with our investigators. We learned to be more obedient, more diligent and more consecrated in the work. I'm going to miss her, but I am also excited to learn from my new companion. We just received a call from our leaders that Hermana Delgado is going to Los Naranjos! She is going to love it...i hope. haha And I wont meet my new companion until Wednesday. President Spjut has called me to be a trainer. I am so sooooo nervous. I have been trembling since they told me. I never thought with all that has happened in the mission that President would call me as a leader, but I guess the Lord has something big for me to learn. I can't wait to meet her and start working!! 

We are going to start off this transfer really well with a baptism on Saturday. Hermano Manuel Acosta is soooooo ready for his baptism. Talking with the members this week, they told us how surprised they are with the changes that he has made. He used to be a drunk that slept in the street and was a very unpleasant man, but the gospel has changed his life so much! He now spends all of his time reading the Book of Mormon and pamphlets that we have given him, has replaced the alcohol and coffee with warm milk, and even makes it to church before all of the members in his white shirt and tie. He understands so well the doctrine of Christ and I know he is going to be a great asset in the ward here in Metapan!   

Things are moving along slowly but surely with the rest of our investigators. We decided this week to drop a few of them for the time being, but also saw more changes in others. President Spjut came to our area to meet Hermano Domingo on Tuesday, and told us the same as what we had been thinking, that maybe it is time that we give him time to figure things out. Domingo has come to church almost every week since I got here, and fulfills all of his compromises to read and pray. He just doesn't want to accept the invitation to be baptised. He knows why he needs to be baptised and we have explained clearly and directly many times the priesthood power and the restoration of the gospel, but he just doesn't understand. I understood a little more how Nefi felt this week when he said, "And now I, Nephi, cannot say more, the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men, for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be." President Spjut told me that he was very happy with the lesson, with the way that we teach and everything that we did. But that it is time to let him go. It just breaks my heart every time when I know that I am walking out the door of an investigators home for probably the last time. It breaks my heart so much, when I give my all and they still don't want to accept this message because I know that one day they will have to face their own consequences. I just pray that one day my prayers will be answered, that other missionaries will find him and that he can accept the gospel. And for now, I am just going to trust that there are others prepared to hear our message here in Metapan and go out and find them.I pray that this week the Lord will guide us to more of his chosen people. 

THIS IS MY HOPE AND MY JOY: that I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance. I know there is someone special waiting for us here in Metapan so my plan is : DILIGENCE, OBEDIENCE, AND CONSECRATION TO THE LORD AND HIS WORK. I don't have any idea what this next week is going to bring. All I know is that i'm going to need lots of prayers, that I can be a good mom (trainer) in the mission and that I don't ruin this new missionary. Like I said, I AM SO SO SO NERVOUS. It is such a huge responsibility and all so new to me. I just hope I can be as good of a trainer as my mom of the mission (Hna. Crowley). I am doing my best to follow her example every day. I am doing my best to be obedient and diligent and stay focused in the work. I just hope that the Lord's angels will be all around me to help me. 

I was so happy to hear from all of you and all the excitement from home...I'm going to include the link I was sent about my dad so that the rest who read my letter can see it to. '
I am so proud to be his daughter!  

Also another fun surprise note that I received this week from Hermana Spjut:

My Dear Sisters Najarro, Torres, Rosario, Stoor and Arauz,
   I know that you never got to come to the mission home on your first day in the mission because of some transportation problems.  So I want to invite the five of you and your companions to come to the mission home for lunch on Monday November 28.  If you will be at the mission office at 11:00, President Spjut and I will drive you to the mission home and return you there after lunch to get your bus.
I look forward to seeing you then.  Let me know if that will work for you.

Every day is a new day in the mission with new surprises and new responsibilities. Please send your prayers my way this week.  I love you all a bunch and pray that all is well! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Stoor  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dear family,

This week has been a wonderful, wonderful week. The truth is that I don't even know what to say, just that I am happy. My companion and I are doing good, becoming better friends and working together better every day. We are seeing so much success in our area, preparing baptisms and looking for new investigators. Hermano Manuel is doing super well. He is more and more excited for his baptism every day! He has quit drinking coffee completely and is reading every chapter of the Book of Mormon that we give him. There is nothing better to hear in the mission than one of your investigators say that this gospel is the best thing that has happened to him. He tells us how much he loves it every day. He is making real changes in his life and is going to be more than ready for the 19th! We have lots of new investigators from the week, two of which are already making progression and i think will have baptismal dates this week. We are working with all of our hearts, mights, minds and strength and are seeing miracles. The Lord really does bless you when you choose to be diligent. I cant believe how fast the time is going here in Metapan. We are already preparing for transfers next week. The time is flying by way too fast. Anyways, I hope you all of a great week. Sorry for the short letter, but hope it finds you all well. I send my love from El Salvador!

Hermana Stoor

​Just a random selfie because I didn't even take pictures this week. I will be better this week ;) love you all!