called to serve

called to serve

Monday, March 27, 2017

So....heres another really short lame letter. Theres too much to do and go to see your last few weeks in the mission so don't get mad! Im sending lots of pictures ;) haha
The best part of our week was Rodrigo's baptism on Friday! After his baptism, he asked to share a few words and stood up to thank us and his family for the support that we had given him. It took a long time to decide if he wanted to be baptised, but I think he found what he was looking for. It was frustrating at first that he didnt want to make the decision to be baptised, but I know now that he will be a faithful convert to the church. And we could complete the Familia Paz! Now I just hope that we can get their minds on the temple so that they can be sealed as a family!
Veronica didn't get baptized this week...and I have kinda lost hope with her...but we will see how this week goes. I think we are going to focus a little more on a few families we are teaching right now. We have multizone meetings on Wednesday and splits two times this week so its going to be really busy. Plus general conference this weekend!! I hope you all get to see it and that your prayers are answered. I've sure got lots for this week so I am super excited! Love you all so much and I will talk to you a little more next week!

 ​FAMILIA ALFARO, HNA CROWLEY AND ALBY came to visit me from Turín. ❤❤❤❤❤
​I love my trainer! ❤ I have missed her so much. 
 ​Pday at the lake of Coatepeque!
​DISTRITO INDEPENDENCIA before Elder Jonovich left..... 

​Fried fish lunch ❤ Its my FAVORITE.  

 ​We surprised my companion with a birthday cake for her 22nd birthday :)
 This was unplanned.
​But this was totally planned. 
I felt like it was calling my name. 

​Goodbye lunch with Elder Garcia and Hermana Alvarado (the two missionaries between my companion and I) after district meeting on Tuesday :( 
 ​I need new shoes. haha

​And just a selfie Sunday pic 😊

Monday, March 20, 2017

This week was full of lots of surprises, good and bad. My testimony was strengthened about the power of faith this week as we prepared for Rodrigo's baptism. Almost the whole time that we have been here, everyone has been telling us that he would never get baptized, but for some reason, my companion and I have felt that he would receive his answer and that he would be baptized this month. Last week, he had still not received his answer, but we weren't worried. I have felt so strongly the whole time that God would answer him before his goal on the 18th. And although we had everyone else telling us otherwise, we never lost the faith and his prayer was answered! Thursday night, he told our ward mission leader that he had decided to be baptized at 10:00 in the morning. We had thought the whole time that his question was about the prophets. He had said many times that he didn't believe in latter day prophets and as many times as we taught and testified, it just seemed like he never understood. But he explained on Thursday that it wasn't his problem. What he wanted, was to DO MORE to prepare himself. He wanted to feel like he was making REAL changes in his life. And through the commitments that he followed through with and the support that he felt from the members that have been helping him, he made the decision to be baptized on Saturday. Sadly, he now has problems with pancreas and for the big fever that he had, he couldn't be baptized that day. But he is excited for this week and is sure on his decision to be baptized this week. For me, it was a miracle. God really does answer prayers when we have faith.
This week, we plan to have a baptism during the week for Rodrigo and with Veronica on Saturday. I have faith that these baptisms will for sure take place this week. We are doing all that is possible as well to help our new investigators progress so that we can be ready for the month of April to reach our goals. AND I'M GOING TO CUT THIS LETTER SHORT....because Hermana Crowley is here...I will send you pics next week! Love you all so much! Have a great week!
Hermana Stoor

Just get ready for a picture overload.

 ​In the bus headed to Cerro Verde!
 ​Lago Coatepeque...we are going to go again today....its a crater of a volcano!!! 

 ​Zona Modelo ❤

 ​Rainforrests are cool.

 ​nobody looks good at this angle...con Elder Tejada y Hermana Jensen

 ​district pics....
​Elder Jonovich (Arizona) E. Tejada (Panama) H. Solis (Peru) H. Lopez(Guatemala) H. Polhill (Alabama) y H. Jensen (Utah) 

 ​Elder Garcia and I were twins on Monday.
​Volcan de Izalco

​So it was a really fun Pday. 

 We almost got killed by a car...but the picture was cool. 

 ​This little girl is named.........MEGAN. I couldn't even believe it. 


My Metapan friends!

Megan's trainer is in El Salvador this week - I stole this picture from facebook this morning: