called to serve

called to serve

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hermana Stoor,

Thank you for sharing your experience reading Helaman. It caused me pause and reflect also. I have to keep reminding myself to stop trying to do everything myself and depend on the enabling power of the atonement. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for the good work with the Sisters. And the good relationship you have with your companion. You are a great example.

President Spjut

Wooooo! It always makes my day when I can start my letter with a letter from President Spjut. I feel like I have seen him alot over the last few weeks and it has been so so nice to be a little closer to the city and all that goes on in the mission. This week was CRAZY. i have never felt so calm and stressed and happy all at the same time. Hermana Spjut has been setting up appointments with me to go and visit with the sisters in different parts of the mission this week sooooo...this week Hermana Spjut was my companion for 2 days! It was so much fun! Hermana Spjut, one sister and I went to visit their investigators for an hour and my companion went out with the other sister and then we flip flopped and went with the companion of the sister who went first....if that makes any sense. was really fun to be with her and feel her spirit as she taught. It was also really fun to get a few tips from her to become a better teacher! I am super excited to head out with her again this week. I will be outside  my own area almost every day this week. Tomorrow I will be in Aldea, Wednesday in Sucre, Thursday in TURIN!!!!!!! and Tazumal and Friday in El Refugio with Hermana Spjut. Then Saturday...we are hoping for a baptism!!!!! Rodrigo Paz has been preparing himself for the 18th for a few weeks now. The sisters have been working with him for a long time...but he has never progressed until now. These last few weeks, we have been reading in the Book of Mormon with him and have seen a big change in him! The only thing that he is missing is enthusiasm. He understands the need to be baptized. He wants to be baptized...but he said he wants to feel something more. I feel that maybe what he has been missing is the support from his we are going to do all that we can to help him feel this enthusiasm a little more throughout this week. BUT WE NEED LOTS OF PRAYERS FOR HIM. I have faith that he will fulfill this goal. I just hope that he doesn't let anything else get him down.
Our next investigator to be baptized will be Veronica Tejada (38) on the 25th and we put another baptismal date this week for the 8th of April with Fernando Polanco(16). We have been so so so blessed in this area. Everyone told us it was a crap area when we got here, but we have seen so many miracles in such a small time! We are also planning for a baptism on the 6th of May!!!!!! That has been my goal since I got here...have a baptism ready for the Saturday that Mom and Dad are here. So if all goes well....Camila Polanco (12) will be baptized on the 6th :) and hopefully her mom too!!!
Anyway, sorry that we got on so late today.....but i will send you some cool pics next week from our Pday today! We went to a place called Cerro Verde if you want to look it up on the internet. I felt like I was in a movie....tropical rainforests are super cool. But that's pretty much a wrap up of my week here. Lots more that I could tell you....but little time to write. Just know that I love you all.....and hey. I'M STILL NOT TRUNKY. haha everyone seems so worried about it. But I'm good...just happy to be here still and to be able to work in the missionary field.  There's nothing better!
Love you all and hope that you have a great week. and hey...send me pictures :)
Hermana Stoor

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