called to serve

called to serve

Monday, March 6, 2017

This week was full of so many learning experiences for me. I want to share with you a spiritual experience that I had this week. Sunday morning before church, I sat down to do my personal study and began to read in Helaman 5. As I tried to explain to you in my interview, I have come to realize that maybe I am overly self critical and sometimes I get really down on myself for small mistakes that I make. I have come to learn over the last few weeks that we should not expect perfection from ourselves in our pursuit to become perfect. Doing so, we deny the power of the Atonement in our lives and the purpose that we have to progress in this mortal life. Sometimes I have felt that maybe God wont forgive me for my mistakes because every time that I repent, I do SOMETHING wrong again. I have always had faith in the Atonement, and have experienced many times its power in my life, especially as I prepared myself to come to the mission. But maybe in my moments of distress, I forget the true power that Christ can have in our lives if we are willing to repent. In Helaman 5 Nefi and Lehi were preaching to the Lamanites, the majority of which were what we could call "inactive members of the church". My heart was touched by the mercy that our Heavenly Father showed to them, after all that they had done. These dissidents were trapped in a cloud of darkness, looking for a way out, desiring to understand what Nefi and Lehi in this moment were experiencing as they talked with angels. One Lamanite asked... What do we do to escape out of the darkness? And Aminadab answered that they should repent and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They started to pray, asking forgiveness from God and it says that they were surrounded by fire and filled with a unquenchable joy. The Spirit descended from heaven and filled their hearts. And they heard a voice from the heavens saying in verse 47, " Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved, who was from the foundation of the world." And angels descended from heaven and ministered unto them. As I read this chapter, I felt an overwhelming spirit in my heart and as I reflected on what I had read, I came to truly understand the unconditional love that our Father in Heaven has for us. We make mistakes, but through His son Jesus Christ we can receive his mercy. He is full of grave today. He was full of grace before and is full of grace for forever for each of us who is willing to repent and come unto Him. No matter how many times we fall, His grace is sufficient for us.

This week, we saw so many times the hand of God in our area. Sandra's baptism was perfect and she truly showed her own conversion throughout this week as she prepared for Saturday. Rodrigo Paz came to church on Sunday and I have faith that he will be prepared for his baptism on the 18th. Another investigator, Veronica Tejada also came to church this week and we were able to put a baptismal date with her for the 25th of March. I have been doing all that I can in this area to glorify Him and to fulfill His work and I feel that it has made all the difference. I love this work and I know that as we keep working hard, that he will have so many more miracles prepared for us.

We had interchanges this week with the sisters from Turin and from Paraiso, interviews on Friday and a leadership training meeting on we have been super overloaded! I have learned so much this week how I can become a better example and disciple of Christ. I am working every day to be the most obedient that I can be, to show my gratefulness to the Lord for the success that we are having after only 1 month here in our new area. It is truly amazing what the Lord can do when we let him work through us. I LOVE THIS WORK. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. And am beyond grateful for my calling as a missionary and as a sister leader. God has prepared so many ways for me to grow this last week and am so excited to see what he has ready for me this next week.

Love you all so much! And pray that the Lord is blessing you daily! I will talk to you more next week!

Hermana Stoor

Here's some pics from the baptism:

 ​Cleaning the font :)
 ​Sister and Elder Jensen also came to her well as President and Hermana Spjut....just that they werent there yet for the pictures :)
 ​A cool selfie with the elders from our area :)
 ​She was so sooooo happy!!!!!!

 ​My investigators have a 200 pound Boxer...and I have become its favorite play toy. Its a little scary...but hes soooo cute!!
Splits (i think thats how they say it in English) with Sister Barrus from Wyoming! The Jorgensons from Grace are her cousins....what a small world!!
​Splits with Sister Munoz from Honduras....we forgot to take a picture until the next i was still in my pjs. But its cool. :) 

​Splits with Sister Socha from Utah and Sister Calero from Nicaragua...they are the sisters that are serving in Turin (my first area) ❤

​Flash photos never work with someone really white in front....but thats what makes them fun. Splits with Sister De Leon and Sister Bello!


​McDonalds 💙

 ​Drinking what they call "chuko" here in El Salvador. Its gross. really really gross. But we are grateful for the love of the members!
​Just a random selfie with my companion :)

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