called to serve

called to serve

Monday, December 14, 2015


Going to be a short letter because the computers kept freezing up on me...but I will share some of the quick things that happened this week! Mom and Dad you will have to share your conversations on the blog so at least the siblings get the answers to those questions. 

The bus ride here was beautiful from what I saw...It was super windy and I hadn't ridden in a car for over a i was suuuuper sick. I was either throwing up or sleeping trying not the throw up the whole way. But other than that it was good.. customs was scary...but a breeze. I was worried they were going to ask me lots of questions...but they didn't so it was okay! We didn't end up staying the night in the mission home because we were a day late. We just got our companions and they sent us off! I guess you got the email from president about that...but what he said in the email is so right! My companion is wonderful! Her name is Whitney Crowley from Utah. I actually knew her brother Sam up at BYUI! She is a hard hard worker and a super loving, patient person. Exactly the trainer I need! 

Turin is the name of the city I am in. The people are so loving and so willing to help. The members are so awesome! Church yesterday was a scary idea as well, but the members are all so understanding of my Spanish and welcomed me with warm hugs and kisses! Atiquizaya is the name of my zone and i think stake as well. The town is super cute and is exactly how i was imagining...dirt roads...lots of trees. I LITERALLY LIVE IN A RAINFOREST. Probably not what the people around here consider a rainforest..but i do. Its so crazy! Some of the houses and people are really scary. BUT I FEEL SO SAFE. The only thing that scares me is when we walk down the main road at night...there are no speed limits and they drive FAST. The buses are also scary to sure you know a little about that Dad. They fly around every corner and over every bump...there are all together way too many people on just squeeze whereever you can fit. But I have survived I think 4 of them now im an old pro. 

Its going to take me a while to get used to the insects and little animals. This week, I got attacked by literally hundreds of ants when I apparently sat down in the wrong place. They were biting me all over my legs, inside my shoes...everywhere! I also had a mouse crawl up on my foot while I was teaching. So that was cool. AND I HAVE MORE MOSQUITO BITES THAN I CAN COUNT. You don't even see them here...but they must be everywhere. I also held a brand new born bunny this week...not the one in the was about the size of my thumb and hairless. Kinda gross..kinda cool.

My house is huge. We are really so blessed. Tile floors...bug nets...a refrigerator..its the life. WE wash our dishes and our clothes out back in a cement wash bay thingy. Guess I will learn today how to wash clothes by hand. We will see how that goes :) I think doing the dishes is kind of fun...never thought i would say that. I think when they sent out that email that said we would have running water everywhere we went...they just tell us that so our trainers have something to laugh about. We have running water....sometimes. If your lucky its in the morning after exercise. It just depends. haha 

My Spanish is....sad. I feel like I forgot everything I learned in the CCM. But i do my best. I taught one full lesson about the Book of Mormon by myself yesterday so I guess its improving. I mostly spend all day just trying to figure out what people are saying, including my companion. haha A little about my investigators....Sipriano Escalante....thought he was going to be getting baptized next week...but he told us last night he isn't even thinking about it. So we will see...Alexandra and Kaela and Karla and Noemi Rivera are my biggest hope right now. Only two of them came to church yesterday...but I really hope we can get the whole family baptized. Noemi is the mom and she is unsure for herself but said she thinks it is okay for Alexandra. Alexandra has been coming to church for about a month now. We just had the first two lessons with the others, but I think they can get there. I'm sure there is potential in some others...we just have to find it. We are doing everything we can...we practically run. Its so great. SOOOOOO HOT. But so awesome. I'm going to have some intense calf muscles by the time I come home if I stay in the mountains.

Guess my time is up....just know, I'm happy, healthy and although i struggle and want to cry every single day, there is nowhere else I would rather be. This work is Gods work and his hand is  in every detail. I see little miracles every single day that prove that. God is real. This church is true. And the book is blue. Stay true! I love you all with all of my heart. 

Hermana Stoor

Hermana Schiess, Hermana Franco from Colombia and Hermana Escalera from Puerto Rico...roomies for the last two weeks in the CCM

​My district in the CCM at the Guatemalan temple...these are the best people. Definitely going to be life long friends....Elder Dylan Thomas, Sam Lowder, Riley Sligting, Taylor, Zac Nielsen, Frankie Mattiaccio, Jaden Rock, Ammon Olson, me and Hermana Riley Schiess

This is Pancha...met him yesterday at one of the members homes. So many animals everywhere!

 Elder Galicia, Elder Flygare, Hermana Crowley and me after church yesterday. We are the only missionaries in our area...lots of area so cover so we have lots of work to do!
 Not supposed to hold an illegal picture. BUT the little boy practically threw it at we took a picture! In the home of one member teaching her 3 nieces who are 8,8 and 12...avoided the men behind me in the picture. They were creepy and drunk.

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