called to serve

called to serve

Monday, April 17, 2017

Not much from this week. It was "Semana Santa" so everyone left for the beach this week and our area was EMPTY. except for a bunch of Catholics doing their parades. Lots of fun and kinda weird traditions here in El Salvador for this week. Things are getting a little better with my companion. I am just trying to enjoy the mission the most that i can these last few weeks. I assure you that I am just fine and enjoying all the time that I have left. Sorry for ANOTHER short letter....but I love you all and send my best wishes from El Salvador!!!
Hermana Stoor

 ​Smoothies on a P-day...already saying my goodbyes.
​I had to take money out of my account because my shoes just weren't going to make it another 3 weeks. 
 ​My last zone meeting was last week....they even sang me goodbye. haha They are all trunky. 
​We made pastelitos with Familia Peña....they are fried potato cakes....something similar to that. 
​We were in splits that day as well....selfie with Hermana Cuyan :)
​& Hermana Vargas
 ​Do you remember Hermana Chapman? My favorite splits by far. :)
 ​We took the matresses down from the second floor so we could all sleep in the same room. haha It was a fun night :)
​And a project that I did a few weeks ago. Hermana Spjut taught us the whole story of the Book of Mormon in 20 minutes and it sparked my desire to make a story line as well...its a little crazy....but it was a blast. 
​And a picture of our cute little lunch group on Monday :) You may recognize a few faces...Hermana Martinez ❤

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