called to serve

called to serve

Monday, January 18, 2016


We are feeling pretty blessed this week! We now have three baptismal dates! We continue to see small miracles every day in Turin! I wanted to tell you about our investigator, Horacio Coches. I think I mentioned him a little last week but...He is a 75 year old man that we found on the street a couple of weeks ago. At first, I really wondered if we could go anywhere with him. He is super sick and has no teeth so all i could understand from our first lesson with him was that he couldn't read, couldn't see, couldn't really hear, couldn't walk to church, and is terribly afraid of cars. But, we went back for a second lesson and every lesson since then has gotten better with him. This week, he even agreed after about 30 minutes of convincing him at his doorstep yesterday morning to allow a member to take him to church. We promised him that he would feel at peace in the church and that his pain would go away so he would be allowed to feel the spirit. After sacrament meeting, i leaned over to him and asked him how he felt. He said he felt really really good and that the meeting was beautiful. We went back to his house last night, and because hes the only one who lives there we couldn't go in but we stood outside the door and sang him a hymn, bore our testimonies and just took some time to ask him some questions. I have never felt so happy in my whole life as I did last night. I felt impressed to ask him if he was still praying to know whether or not Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. There is nothing like the feeling to hear your investigators answer yes. He accepted a baptismal date for the 6th of February. He is ready to change and after 75 long years of waiting, he can finally do it. Its amazing to see how the church can change the lives of these people. As we walked away, my heart filled with sooooo much love. 75 years of waiting for find the truth, and its finally here for him. ahhhh...the church is so true! 

Our other fecha for the week is Mynor. We are so excited...but also really scared for him. Every time we talk about his situation we just cry and cry. We found out this week from a member in the ward that not only is the man who lives in his house a gang member, but his mom, Mary, who we have been teaching is too. So, we don't know exactly what we are going to do. The plan is for now to teach him at the church house and we are going to probably have to drop his mom because its not safe for us to be there. This week we have been sitting outside with him, but we were also told that we shouldn't do that anymore because apparently they have lots of drive by shootings there. We are going to talk to our mission president a little more about it and see what we can do. But we also need to talk to Mynor too this week to make sure he isn't a part of the gang. We are kind of suspecting so because of how hard he is looking for a new job, but we will see this week i guess. Hopefully if he is, we can get him out of the house and hidden safe so he can get baptized and get out of the gang. Going to be a big process, but our goal is for the 15th of February.  BUT anyways...he is super positive. He wants to change. I think he just feels trapped in his situation. But we are going to do all we can to help him. 

Lots of sad things happened this week as well. We were supposed to be baptizing Yenifer this weekend...but we just found out that her dad has a problem with the word of we are going to have to push it back some more. We are hoping to get a date from the bishop this week for when we can set out next goal with him to get the priesthood and her to get baptized. But in the meanwhile we are meeting with the family almost every other night and we are going to do our best to help them get there. 

Anyways, guess my time is up...but I am good! My back is doing alot better and we are healthy and happy! We have an exciting week ahead! A worldwide missionary training in a couple days...and then a devocional with Elder Cook in San Salvador on Saturday! Watch it if you can...sounds like my comp is playing the we will most likely be either on the front row or on stage...super lucky! Anyways...have a good week! I love you all so much! 

​Found myself a new friend this week.

​This is my other little buddy. His name is Kenneth and he is a fire ball. But he loves to give brazos and besos to Hermana Crowley and I. 

​Amadai (the lady who fed us dinner on new years whose mother died who we have been calling Janet until we found out this week that is not her name) bought us these cute pillowcases so that when we go home we can keep her in our minds always. She is so sweet! We taught her a lesson this week, but have decided we just need to do some service for her for a while before we really do some teaching. We are hoping we can open her heart to the gospel a little more. We love her so much. Its so hard to see the people you love closed off to the gospel, but we are praying for a miracle soon! 

​I do wish we had some snow here! Don't know if you can tell...but we took this picture trying to show the heat in El Salvador a little. You could literally see the heat in the air this day. Although, somehow even on these days, I still love El Salvador. 

​We had my faaaavorite meal i have ever had here the other night. Fish soup. Sounds yummy doesn't it. After a good night of throwing it up, Hermana Crowley and I felt alot better. Its amazing what you can put in  your body out of love for the people. These are investigators of the elders, but we love them too! Their son was baptized this week...and hopefully the parents soon too! 

Just a picture of us with the Patriarch and Bishop Marroquin. They help us so much and we just love their family! 

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  1. She looks like she is doing awesome! :) I love how "Fechas" is a common theme in both Hermana Stoor's letter and Elder Sims' letter! So proud of our amazing youth! Definitely saved for these days!