called to serve

called to serve

Monday, October 3, 2016

This week was a week of just waiting and waiting and waiting. Waiting for General Conference. Waiting to hear about transfers. And everything was just as good as I thought it would be. I have been expecting every change to be called to serve in my new area and finally president is sending me to Metapan! I am a little nervous because I am going from the coldest area in the mission to the oven of El Salvador. They say its the hottest area in all of the mission...but also the best that there is. Hermana Romero started her mission there and several of my good friends of the mission have also been there and they all tell me how wonderful it is! My new companion is Hermana Delgado...also from Guatemala and is just finishing her training. So I haven't ever met her, but I am excited to be with another new missionary :) I feel like there is alot more to learn from the newbies than from the oldies. :)

I also loved General Conference. To answer some questions...We watched the conference in the chapel with a projector. It was pretty cool! But because there wasn't other missionaries there I did have to watch it in Spanish. I wasn't too excited to see it in Spanish...but it was just as good as I think it would have been in English. Maybe even better because i understand Spanish better than English. haha I cant even say which talk was my favorite. I loved them all! And had all of my questions answered several times. I had the question going into conference...How could I become a person more prepared to live a higher law. I loved the answers that God gave me : Trust in the Spirit that leads us to do good. Forget the paths of man and walk in a path of love and service. Focus on Christ and strip away the natural man. Be submissive to His will even if it means suffering. And really, just CHOSE TO DO GOOD. We all have the choice in this life to choose between eternal life and eternal suffering.  It all depends in the desires of our heart and how we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost who teaches us to love, care and serve. I also loved the talk from Robert D Hales. "If I loved you more, would it hurt less? If we loved God more, would this life hurt less?"

Jose Roberto came to the first session of conference on Sunday and loved it so much that he came back for the second session. I am really sad that I wont be there for his baptism, but I am so excited for him. He told us on Sunday that we shouldn't worry that we were wasting our time on him, that we had planted a seed in fertile soil and that his time is coming close. I know it is! He said he is never going to miss another Sunday and he even took notes of the conference. He almost cried when I told him I was going to have changes and I am going to be bawling when I say goodbye to him. I cant wait to come back to visit one day and see him as a member.

So....this week is going to be full of goodbyes and tears.....and sweat and nerves in my new area. But I am excited to start working in Metapan! I know the Lord has plans for me there!

Les quiero a todos!
Hermana Megan Evelyn Stoor

Just the beginning of the goodbyes:

​Melissa and her cute son :) He is my best buddy!

Cried leaving this family last night. They are less actives that give everything to the missionaries. They have given me so much love. I love them sooooooooooo much. 

​Our last district meeting together I made a cake :)

​Passing by the last 20 minutes waiting for the conference with Hermano Miguelito:

​Hermano Miguel was a trooper and stayed at the church for 10 hours on Saturday to see all three of the conferences. We pulled out part of the baptismal font (styrofoam) so that he didn't have to be sitting in his wheel chair the whole time. 

​I'm gonna miss this...

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