called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dad, Mom, Mara, Seth, Shelby, Grandmas and Grandpas and friend, whoever is reading my letter, 
     I might could say that I am the happiest I have been in my whole mission right now! I absolutely love my new area!!!!! It is very very very SUUUUUUUPEEEER hot. I sweat when I sleep and sweat when I shower even though it is in cold water. But I love this area! My companion doesn't have alot of faith in the people here and I feel that maybe they didn't work very obediently before I came because she doesn't hardly want to talk to the people....but I we are doing it. Everyone has told me that it is impossible to learn my whole area....but that is my goal to do just that. I have been trying to talk with every person that I can (avoiding the people that I should) and I know we are going to see success! My goal is to have a baptism on October 29th. We have a few people that I think might could be ready....but better slow and sure than fast and later find out that they are inactive. We found 15 new investigators this week and 2 that are already of which came to church!! And we are going to just keep searching this week. We literally ran in the streets after the people this week...and I think my companion thinks I am a little crazy. But I am just so happy to be in such a big area and to see so many people to talk with! I know that if we keep it up...we are going to see success here! Hermana Delgado is a good missionary....the change has been hard for her...but i know she will adjust soon...its always hard to leave your trainer. But she has been patient and is a very sweet person. I am learning to be a good listener from her...because if you can believe it...she talks ALOT more than me. I didn't think it would ever be possible find someone who talks more than me....but she talks literally all day long. hahaha I think it is going to a fun and successful transfer!  If you saw the pictures from Hermana Spjut, she is the one on my left in the picture of many missionaries. :) I will try to send pìctures but we write in a computer i don't know yet if I can...but my time is I will write you all a little more next week!! Love you! 

Hermana Stoor
​My surprise goodbye party in Los Naranjos. I love these crazy people. 

Hermana Delgado and I before church on Sunday :)

​I can't send many pictures from this area because it is a little more dangerous here to carry around my camera, but here is my view from my bed every morning. Its so hot that we moved our beds outside to sleep in our little courtyard :) I just pray every night that we are protected and that nobody can enter our house. haha It's worth it to get out of a little bit of heat. 

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