called to serve

called to serve

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hopefully this letter will be a little longer this week. I have alot to say to President Spjut so you might just have to be patient :) hahaha But I will do my best!

It was a good, but long week in Los Naranjos. I can hardly believe I'm half way through my mission. It has all gone by so fast. I never want to finish my mission. There is nothing better than being here to help these people. I love them ssssoooooooooo much. It was a rough week with the members...they don't want to repent or work in the branch. And they just spend all of their time together fighting....really bad...I had to raise my voice....more than you ever should in the church building. But  we are going to work alot with the president of the branch this week and do all we can to take care of the branch and our investigators. 
We found lots of good people this week and are loving working together! I love my new companion and am so pleased with the successes we have been seeing. We received a text from President Spjut this week that said something like English..." Your leaders in your zone just told me that you are doing a good work in your area. Last week you accepted a goal of 4 people progressing in your area and met this goal. Good job and thank you for showing everyone that we can meet hard goals when we are diligent and when we trust in the grace of the Lord." I just pray that we can keep seeing these successes. We are not planning another baptism until the 20th of August but I am more happy with the little successes that we see every day. I love the Lord and I am more willing that ever to work hard in His work. And I know that through diligence, obedience and hard work we are going to see many more miracles! I love you all and pray that this week will be good to you all! I will talk to you all next week!

​9 pupusas...for 9 months in the mission......I WAS SO SICK:::BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT: 😋


​And this dog loves me.....always runs for my lap as soon as I sit down...makes me miss Lily. 

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