called to serve

called to serve

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hi family! 

I am sorry to do this to you again, but I spent all of my time writing, reading your wonderful letters and writing a good letter to President Spjut, so heres my short letter for the week. Simply to say that I love you and I am so glad your all doing so well. I loved your letters and the pictures from this week! And cant wait to hear from you next week! I am doing really good...only surviving the says 90 degrees...but im so used to the heat...that 90 is really really cold. The storms are really fun here...rivers in the streets and we go home soaking wet but full of laughter and smiles every day. I have never been so thankful for a warm bed and hot chocolate and pupusas. But the work is good and I am just loving life! Cant believe I will be finishing the first 9 months of my mission this week. It all goes by too fast.  Love you all so much and pray for you all every day!!! Have a good week! 

Hermana Stoor

PS - I had asked a few questions that she answered in a separate email:  Momma! Sounds like everyone is good at home...always worry about Grandma and are they? We are coming up with an idea for my big hump day. hahahaha cant believe 9 months already have passed by. Life seems normal to me now. haha I will try to remember to take pictures of the house...the sinks are always outside. hahaha The members are friendly...but we spend the least amount of time we can with them...always causes problems but we eat with a member and visit our mission leader and president of the branch more than anyone else...because they are funny and give us food. I dont know what to say...all seems pretty normal to me. haha love you so much...have fun at the will be my 3rd year of not going. but i only miss rodeos and the bar j. haha LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!  Hermana Stoor

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