called to serve

called to serve

Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer week

It breaks my heart to say it....but my compañera is going to leave me. We got a call from President in the morning and my companion is not going to finish her mission with me but is going to finish her mission as a training leader and is leaving for the other side of the mission. :( But I will continue here in Los Naranjos with my new companion as a senior companion. We will be changing on Wednesday, so i will let you know more next week but my new companion is Hermana Romero. From what I have heard she is from Guatemala and has 4 months in the mission. So I am excited to know her and hope that she is ready to work :)

We had a super good last week here in Los Naranjos together. I am always going to be so so so grateful for the chance to work with Hermana Gamarra. I have learned a ton from her and have grown more in these two changes than in all my time here in the mission. We definitely had our challenges and our fights but we always finished as friends. She feels more like a sister for me....I told her I will send my brother down to Peru to marry her so she can come back and live with me. haha We worked our hearts out this last week and were able to find 16 new people and two families that I have so so so much hope for! My goal in this next change is to baptize a family. We were able to contact over 20 references and talked with everyone we could find. I have so much faith that if we can keep working like I have been with Hermana Gamarra that we are going to be able to reach our biggest goals here in this area. Right now, we don't have anyone that is progressing towards baptism... but I have hope for something better in this new week. Lots of prayers that my new companion will be a hard worker! 

I dont really know what more to say....I am just working my heart out. I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the Lords work and I am not going to waste another minute of it. He has people prepared for me and I`m going to find them. I think I have finally been able to find the Nephi in me. Laman and Lemuel wanted to back down from Jerusalen before they fulfilled the commandment that the Lord had given them. Nephi was more faithful and was not willing to back down until he fulfilled the purpose that the Lord had given him. I know I am here with a grand purpose. And I`m going to work as hard as I can until I fulfill it. The glory of God is my glory. And His purpose is becoming mine. TO BRING TO PASS THE IMMORTALITY AND ETERNAL LIFE OF MAN. There is no greater joy than being a part of this grand work. I know my Father in Heaven loves me and that his Son Jesus Christ lives. I know it with all of my heart. They are real! They love us! And are preparing something marvelous for us! 

I love you all,
Hermana Stoor

​I had the chance to go so Auachapan to buy pants....and the Alfaro family from Turìn came to have lunch with us. I LOVE THIS FAMILY WITH ALL MY HEART! 

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