called to serve

called to serve

Monday, August 15, 2016


This week was full of trials but many many happy moments. I am so grateful to be here in Los Naranjos and be with Hermana Romero. I am grateful for the challenges the Lord has been putting us through in this area. I cant say it has been easy, but I am grateful for everything that I have been learning. I feel like a new person because of this area.  I am also so grateful for the changes that we have seen in this last week as we have been searching more for the good things in this area. We have been able to visit more members this week and I think things are going to get better here in our branch. This week we are going to have two more activities and I am hoping we can animate the members to visit some of our investigators that we have right now. 

We have so many investigators that this week started to make more progression. We are teaching a man named Jose Roberto that I am hoping we can set a date with this week. The first time we went to his house, we taught about the Book of Mormon and how Jesus Christ came to the Americas to teach his ancestors. He was so happy. He told us that his heart filled with joy when we shared this story with him. We left him a Book of Mormon on Saturday of last week and invited him to read the introduction, but when we went back on Monday, he had read all of the beginning pages and was starting in 1 Nefi. He always has really really good questions and is making alot of progress. We have been focusing in prayer alot more in our lessons this week and he finally was able to realize the importance of prayer and even started following our example in his way of saying his prayers. 

We have another investigator named Melissa Rodriguez. She came to church this week after 3 weeks of waiting for her! She is so excited to be here. She told us that when she walked in the doors of the chapel she felt so much peace in her heart. She has her own set of trials to overcome, but we had a lesson with her after church and were able to resolve some of them. She told us that she wanted to wait until December to move out of the house of her boyfriend and be baptized. We explained to her about repentance and how good she is going to feel and explained that God isn't happy when we wait to repent, that he invites us to do it now. We invited her to prepare for the 10th of September and say a prayer to ask God if she should set this goal. After she prayed we knelled in silence for 2-3 minutes and she told us, "Hermanas, I think I would like to do it that day." We were overfilled with happiness. We bore our testimonies and she told us she will talk to her spouse this week. It always amazes me how the holy ghost can work through us when we invite him to be there. I had a thought come to my mind during our lesson with her that I wanted to read her the scripture that says that the Lord doesn't remember anymore our sins when we repent, but didn't know where it was at. I looked in the guide to the scriptures under repentance and was not able to find it, but I still felt very strongly the impression to share it. So, I said a prayer and opened my scriptures without knowing where it was at and opened right to D&C 58:42. When I opened them, it was the first scripture that I saw, even though it was unmarked and i had no idea where to look. After having her read the scripture, I felt so strongly the spirit and it was in that very moment that we invited her to pray. i am so grateful for the little miracles that we see every day and grateful for the help that you have given us to see them. I feel that this week can only get better. 

I will let you know next week about transfers.I don't think president is planning on changing me but we will see next lunes what he has in mind. Good luck this week at work and good luck shelb as you move out! I know how you feel. Stay strong and just you and be happy. The trials are going to come your way...but be positive, patient and love your roommates for who they are. Hang on tight to the church and you will be just fine...God will help you through. Love you Shelb! And Dad...take care of mom...I wish I was there so she doesn't have to be alone. :) haha Stay strong Mom! Good luck Mara in your classroom...let me know when you start school....and good luck Seth in work and whatever else you do...write me sometime when you feel like it :) haha Love you all and I will talk to you next week! 

Hermana Stoor

​Ate fried fish this week three times...eyeballs and all....just thought I would send you a photo. Also, heres my mom in Los Naranjos...she takes good care of us every day for lunch and for basically anything we need. (Hna. Adela Aguilar)

​I´m going to miss the days of cold weather in Los Naranjos...and how beautiful it is! It may be the hardest area in the mission in regards of the work....but its the most beautiful there is! 

​Here's the best picture I could get of the chapel...

​This is the house....I will send real pictures next week ;)

​Hermana Romero got a new companion this week....isn't she beautiful?

​A picture with my district leader to see who was taller...😂 Hes from Idaho too! 

​One day I will have my own picture with Hermano Miguel...but here's one of Hermana Guzman and him. He is a recent convert that just got out of a 5 month stay in the hospital. They amputated both of his legs...but he has been able to come to church the last two weeks...he has the strongest testimony and shows everyone that there is absolutely no excuse to not come to church. I have come to love him so much! 

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