called to serve

called to serve

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey family! Sounds like everything is good at home and busy as ever. I cant wait to hear everything about the temple open house and dedication and celebration. It makes me want to be there just a little....but just a little :) Dad, I hope you had a great birthday! 50 now right? :) I hope my brother and sisters take you out to a nice dinner like I would have ;) hahaha Love you Dad!
This week was a good week, full of trials as always, but things get a little better every day as well. I have learned how to pass through trials and stay a little more at peace if nothing else ;) We have transfers in two i am looking forward to that :) 6 months in one area is a little too long. My companion and I had some problems on Tuesday, but the rest of the week we have been fine. She  gets  mad ALOT and this week she went a little overboard than the normal. Its a good thing I have learned so much patience on my mission....i wouldn't have handled her this week at the beginning of my mission. It got so bad this week...just because i asked her how she was when she was mad...that she didnt even want to leave the house. She sat down and started reading and wouldn't even look at me or talk to i had to call my leaders...and they called president and it was a mess, but she refused to even talk to our leaders on the phone. The branch president passed by and she refused to even look at him. Our mission leader passed by with him and refused to talk to him either. Shes a really good companion and I love her alot. She's one of my best friends. But she still has alot to learn in the mission. I'm learning a little how my trainer felt with me....because I was a disaster at the beginning....and I'm even more grateful for the patience she had with me. It's what happens when your starting the mission I guess....lots of stress. But everything is good now. The hermana leaders came and talked with her the next day and we were able to talk a little and now everythings good. President Spjut also sent me this letter:

Hermana Stoor,

I understand that you had some difficulties with your companionship this week, but that the sister training leaders were able to help the two of you work things out. I hope that is the case and that you are back working together with the Spirit. And I'm sure that in the process you learned some things that will be of value in the future. We grow as we overcome challenges. Thanks for all you do.

Pdte. Spjut

Just another trial of my patience :) And like president said....its only going to help me for my future :) I think everythings going to be good now....I'm just not going to ask her how she is doing again. hahaha

We had a good rest of the was a pretty normal week. We worked hard, saw miracles, found new people, laughed, cried, played some futbol. A little bit of everything. The biggest miracle we received was that we finally have a house for Melissa to move into so she can be baptized this weekend!!!!!! It is a real miracle. Yesterday, we were talking with our mission leader after church and he said that he was willing to give up his house for a month or two as we look for another house! He's going to go live with his uncle for the time being and we are going to move Melissa in the morning! Although I don't think we can help....because her house is technically outside of the mission. ;) It is a huge sacrifice for Nelson, but a huge miracle for us. week I will send you all the pics of her baptism. We need lots of prayers that everything goes well. We have been working, praying and fasting so hard for this and the time has finally come!

Well, my time is up for this week, but just know that I love you all and that although maybe all my letters could make you think I am not happy....I really am. I love the mission! And I am so grateful for all it is teaching me. :) Have a good week and don't have too much fun without me ;)

Les quiero,
Hermana Stoor

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