called to serve

called to serve

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey family! I forgot to mention in my last letter, but things have been a little.....shaky here our area. We have had 2 big earthquakes in the last couple of weeks. They haven't done too much damage in our area....a few mountains that are falling....but we are good. haha I was bent over brushing my teeth when we felt the first one and just about fell in the was pretty hilarious. haha But don't worry....if the volcano explodes...its in our i feel like I probably wont feel a thing...we´ll be gone before we know what hit us. Lies. I think we are good 😀  Mom said you saw something in facebook about Hermana Spjut. And yes, life is hitting her pretty hard. Two weeks ago she fell down some stairs and broke her leg. She came this last week and looked pretty good...but is struggling with her crutches. And then i think on Thursday she had an appendicitis. She had surgery and has been in the hospital for four days, but I guess is at home now. I feel so bad for her. Thanks to God, Elder and Hermana Jensen came this change....they are our first missionary couple! They are so cute!!!!! We got to meet them last week when President Spjut passed in his car through our area and again for interviews. They are from Utah and know where Grays Lake is....I was so so so so so so so happy! They are the greatest! I think we are going to be good friends 😉

What else did you ask me......To answer a few....I am getting skinnier. But it is just for exercise and alot of fasting. We are doing a project of 40 days of fasting in our ward to help with the missionary work....and I will just say...we have had to do about a fourth of them for how small our ward is. hahaha I don't think its for parasites....but who knows 😉 I still have pain in my stomach alot of the time....but they never have figured anything im just going to wait another 8 months. But I really am okay Mom.

The work in our area was hard as always but through lots of prayer, it gets better every day. We had 41 people in church this week...3 of which were investigators so I am feeling pretty good about that. There are always problems in the branch...but we have just decided to ignore them and keep working....its better to just leave than fight. Im just happy to have investigators and to be a missionary here in general. I have basically changed my whole self here in these 5 months in Los more month and alot more to learn and change....and although its hard....I will always love this area for what its done for me. 

Melissa has passed through some difficulties preparing for her baptism. She has a baby and lives with the dad of her baby. She wants to separate from him, but is having problems  leaving the house because she doesnt have the money to do it. But we fasted with her this week and are praying all day for her. Keep her in your prayers and I know the Lord will prepare her way. 

Jose Roberto is one of my favorite people here. haha He is a golden investigator you could say....with alot of problems. He reads more in The Book of Mormon than I think I do every week and absolutely loves it! He wants to learn everything he can about the church and has even said a few times that maybe he would like to be a part of it...haha but doesnt want to accept a baptismal date still. He has a lot of trials to overcome before his baptism....word of wisdom, the law of chastity and the sabbath day. But he is converting himself to the gospel and with a real conversion...these things become easier to fix 😉

I am so excited to hear everything about the temple and everything that you are going to be doing over the next few weeks. Cant wait to talk with Mara as well about her experience. I know your going to love it sis! There isnt a better day in all of your life. I am sad i am not there...but the Lord has other things for me to do. And I love my work here 😀 I love this gospel so much. I know it is true with all of my heart. I love the Lord with all of my heart and I know He lives! And I know this is his true church and I wouldnt rather do anything else than represent Him here in this beautiful country. Love you all with all of my heart and wish the best for you this week!

Hermana Stoor

​Here is my new district...Hermana Romero...yo....Elder Vasquez and Elder Jensen (brand new from the United States) woohoo! It has been fun!

​Frying platanos for lunch...who knew I would grow to love fried bananas so much? 😀

​This is Jose Roberto and his wife....I love this family so much! Lots of prayers for him! 

I'm basically Latina....there is nothing better than this breakfast.

​Here's where we found our investigator the other day...digging...with a shovel and septic tank....he said it is 9 meters to the bottom. 

​And playing soccer....he is just so cute and little...but so much better and guarding the goal than me. hahaha

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