called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Recieved this letter from President this week:

Hermana Stoor,
You had a wonderful spiritual experience with Sandra. Thanks for sharing. And it is pleasing to hear how you and Hermana Solis are getting along and bringing a much needed spirit to Independencia. You will make a difference.
President Spjut

Everything is super super super good here. My companion and I are getting along most of the time...and the rest of the time I am just thankful for all the patience I have learned here. haha Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, she wakes up angry with me and I dont even know why....sometimes hits me in the head to wake me thats cool. haha I just dont say anything and we leave to run and get back and everything is a little more normal. And other times we are best friends all day and then randomly starts ignoring me. haha The people from Peru are weird like that. But I am super happy. And I am super super happy to be here in Independencia. The area is so cool and the members are super nice and we are having lots of success!!

This week was full of many more successes. Sandra is already ready for her baptism. She was able to attend a baptism this week and when we asked her after how she felt, she said that she could already see herself in the baptismal font. We had originally invited her for the 11th of March, but this week we invited her to choose if she would like to be baptized on the 4th or on the 11th and she accepted for the 4th of March. Every lesson that we have with her, she shares her feelings from the spirit with us. She is truly a chosen investigator and is passing through her own conversion process. She asked the stake president this week if he would baptize her :) Rodrigo is also getting ready for his baptism on the 18th of March...hes just a little slower than Sandi :)

We were also able to find many good investigators this weekend that we will be going back to visit with the sisters in interchanges this week. We are in charge of 7 of which are the sisters from my first i might get to go back!!!! But we will see what happens this week! I was particularly excited about a family that we found yesterday. We knocked the door and a little girl popped her head out the window so we told her we wanted to present ourselves with her parents if she could send them to the door. After a few minutes talking at the door, we asked to enter and as we got to know them, I felt something so sure that maybe we were an answer to their prayers. The way that they looked at us was as if we were angels. I am really excited to go back to their home and get to know them a little more and share with them the restoration of the gospel.

This week President Spjut invited us to study in Moroni 7, I liked verse 46 and the theme of the relief society "La caridad nunca deja de ser". I have considered maybe my whole mission that charity was one of my best attributes but i realized that maybe it is exactly the attribute of Christ that I would like to develop more before I go home. If true charity and true love for God never ends, maybe it is what I lack most. I have learned that if we truly love God, we will do all that he asks and be completely obedient to him. I try to be obedient, but I am not even close to perfect. And I learned this week, that if I can come to love God even more than i do now, a love that never ends, maybe I can become a person more ready to defend myself against Satan and become pure like him as it teaches us in verse 48. That is what I love about this gospel, that we can always improve and we have the Book of Mormon to teach us how.

Anyways, I better go, but I send my love to each and every one of you!! Have a great week!
Hermana Stoor

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