called to serve

called to serve

Monday, February 6, 2017

I was a little surprised this morning to receive a call from President Spjut, and this change was something I was not expecting. I have loved being in the area of Metapan. I have loved training Hermana Martinez and am going to be sad to leave her. I am nervous, but I am also excited to see the spiritual growth that the Lord has prepared for me in my new area, with my new companion and with my new calling. I have been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader opening a new area with Hermana Solis. My new companion is also from PERU! I love las peruanas! I am really excited to get to know her and nervous that we will be opening a new area (meaning that we will get there and not know where the house is, or the bishops house, or the chapel, or the investigators, nothing!!....but kinda cool because we start fresh.) We will be in charge of like 7 companionships in the area and I imagine will be helping President Spjut in training sessions over these next few months. It makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY nervous. I will make my best effort every day to be an example of obedience, love and diligence and just hope that I don't let anyone down....especially the Lord. I don't feel prepared to be a sister leader or to open a new area....but I know that the Lord will be at our side. I dont think I told you the name of my new area.....its called Independencia in Santa Ana. So I'm going to the city!!! It will also be my first time in Santa we will see how that goes. haha

This week I learned a very valuable lesson. I felt the REAL importance of the sacrament in our lives. I tried to think every night this week how I could repent and I felt a great renewal of the spirit as I partook of the sacrament. As I read this week in the Book of Mormon, I was especially touched by chapter 30 of Alma. Korihor, after having denied Christ and after being afflicted for this sin, explained that Satan had tricked him into his sin. The words and temptations of Satan fulfilled his carnal needs and he fell into sin. I feel that many times, we confuse the feelings of the spirit with the enticings of Satan. When we feel that something is right because it fulfills our carnal needs, we ward off the spirit by following these enticings. But, with the Spirit that we receive when we are baptized and partake of the sacrament each week and as we gain knowledge by reading the scriptures, we can discern if a decision will fulfill our carnal or spiritual needs. It becomes less easy that Satan can trick us into sin. I know that if we live worthy of the spirit, we will be guided through this life in the path that leads to eternal life. I am so grateful for the spirit, for the comfort that He gives me, for the guidance and protection from Satan. I pray that this spirit can guide me to help spread the gospel in my new area and to know how to help the sisters that I will be helping. I need lots and lots and lots of prayers. haha

Anyways, I have to cut my time a little short because I want to get back to my area to say my goodbyes...but here are a few pics from the week:::

 ​We spent lots of time by the lake in our area this week. It is beautiful! And the people that live there close are even more beautiful! And my companion is beautiful :)

 ​We also slept a few hours in P day while the rest went swimming. :)

​Hermana Jacqueline❤

​Pascuas grow wild here in El Salvador...Its pretty cool :)

 ​The beginning of the goodbyes....with Hermana Margarita (all the missionaries sign here guitar when we leave)
​Hermano Alex (the less active that we found in the bus) We bought him and his son white shirts to go to church this week :)

​Hermano Fernando (investigador) and Rebecca  (recien conversa) ❤

​And a picture of our daily breakfast...papaya and atol ❤❤❤❤


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