called to serve

called to serve

Monday, January 9, 2017

My dearest family,
This week was full of small miracles and big ones too. Here in Metapan we have a really good bishop who has put the goal this year to help the members be more active in the missionary work. We took him and his wife dinner on Wednesday and were able to talk with him about some of the ideas that we have to help the members. We both decided that the best way to help the members is by visiting them in their homes so this next month, we are going to leave with the bishop and his wife three times a week to visit three different families and invite them to visit our investigators with us and invite their friends to listen to our message. We are going to be with the bishop for his family home evening tonight and after, plan together which families we will visit this week. We went with him to visit a partial family we had found Thursday night and after, he gave us a reference for a young man named Daniel that has been attending church for about 3 months, but has not wanted to be baptized in the past. We went to visit him and he told us that his goal for this year is to become a member of the church. We invited him to pick a day in February and he chose the 11th. Thanks to the bishop and his willingness to work with us, we are now teaching Daniel and I feel that visiting the members with him will help us to find many more who are more willing to accept the gospel.
We are also teaching a man named Alfredo Garcia. He is an investigator that I had been teaching before with Hermana Delgado. He is 49 years old and is Uncle Johns real twin...just a shorter version. (I will send you a pic) He had attended church a few times with us before and came again this week. He really enjoyed the lessons that we had and fast and testimony meeting. After, he had a ton of questions for us about the Plan of Salvation so we sat with him and were able to answer several of his questions. He said that everything he learned just confirmed what he felt he already knew. He told us that if God answers his prayers and he comes to know for sure that the priesthood of God is in this church, he will be baptized. I have seen that he wants to  not only be baptized, but he wants to do it in a place where he can keep going. 
We are also in loops with a family trying to fix some paperwork between Honduras and El Salvador so they can be married and baptized. We originally had in mind setting the baptism for the 28th of this month, but I think we will have to wait a little longer so I might not even be here by then :( but we will see how it all goes this week. We have ALOT to do and just not enough time to do it. :) I cant believe how fast the weeks go by. 
Everything is super good with my companion. I broke down one time this last week because I felt that maybe I wasn't teaching her anything. haha but she assured me that she is learning a ton. And this week, I really started to see that she is putting into practice alot of things that I have been teaching her. So that made me happy! haha We are the best of friends! She is still pretty shy....but she has come out of her shell with me and is starting to be a little more courageous in the lessons! I just have to always tell her to do it. She always looks at me to do everything...but i just do what my trainer did...i just look at her and smile and wait patiently until she does it. haha She is a really good missionary and always has the spirit to guide her! It makes me sad that I don't get to just stay with her her whole mission :) We wont have transfers for another don't get too jumpy :)
Well, my time is up....but just know that I love you all!!!! Enjoy the cold weather and save a little snow in the freezer for when i come home ;) just kidding....but I hope this week is a little warmer! LOVE YOU.

ps. Its cold here too......

​TOOOOOOO MUCH wind and cold to sleep outside...but we did it anyway :)

​We rolled the mosquito nets together so we could sleep together...its like we are camping every night!!!!

​Uncle Johns real twin.....Alfredo Garcia :)

​cookies and juice with hermano manuel :) He has been really sick these last few weeks. Im pretty worried about him...but he always keeps a smile when we get to his house.

​Dont know if i ever sent this picture....but this is what it told me when i got on to talk to you for Christmas.....and then when we were looking back at my pictures we noticed this angel looking thing behind companion told me it was the holy ghost. haha 

​And the best picture of the week....look how cute my companion is  ;) 

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