called to serve

called to serve

Monday, January 2, 2017

❤❤HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I hope that you are all super well and it sounds like you have been somewhat enjoying the holiday season. I have definitely been enjoying my week. I am just so grateful to start a new year here in the mission. There is nothing better than being a missionary and NOWHERE BETTER than to be here in this beautiful country! 
I dont have much time but here is something quick from my week:

We found some really good new investigators this week so we are praying alot that they will be prepared and willing to come to church with us. I have felt so down this last change that we have been working so hard, that we have investigators reading and praying, but on Sunday when we get to their homes they are never there or dont answer the door. This week, the bishop helped us as we talked with the members about the importance of working with the missionaries. I am hoping that this week, we can fulfill all of our plans to work with the members so that maybe the investigators will feel more comfortable coming to the chapel. We have alot of investigators and alot of work that we can do. We just have to figure out how to work better with the members and I know these investigators can progress more quickly.
We met an older man this week named Adan. On Saturday, we passed by his house to teach him the restoration. He had read a little in the pamplet but we felt that he didnt show a real desire to know more. He repeatedly told us that he already goes to a church and that he doesnt want to disrespect it by changing his religion. We explained the importance of prayer and he shared an experience that he had had when God had answered his prayers. We testified that God would hear his prayers only if he had the real intention to do whatever God told him to do and then invited him to pray including the question if he should be baptised by the authority that is in this church. He came to understand why he needed to pray and before he finished his prayer he paused and with a sincere desire to know, asked God if what we had told him was true, if he needed to be baptised again. It was so beautiful to feel how the spirit helped him to understand. We then asked him if he knew someone there close that needed comfort or some service and he sent us to his friend Gracielo. We also had a wonderful lesson with Gracielo whos wife just died. He felt the spirit as well and is now reading in the first few pages of the plan of salvation. I felt something very special as we visited them and many other new investigators that we found this week. This next week, our goal is to follow up well with them and to also visit all of the part families in the ward. We have also been focusing more in the families of some of our investigators and I have hope that through our diligence and faith, we are going to see miracles in these next few weeks. I love this work and am so excited to start a new year here in the mission.
I love you all so so so much and hope that you have a wonderful week going back to work and school. I hope that Shelby gets feeling better....some pretty chubby cheeks there ;) And that you are all having a bunch of fun and staying healthy and safe! Talk to you next week!!!
Hermana Stoor

​New years dinner with Hermana Margarita ❤

​HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fireworks that scared us at 12:00 :)

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