called to serve

called to serve

Monday, April 4, 2016

I don't really know how to start this letter after the letter from last week...but sorry for my sad letter last week and sorry for my sad letter this week..but I promised you mom I would let you know everything so here we go...just hold out til the end and i will try to leave on a good note :) Its a rough change this change but it is winding down quickly so I'm just holding on until the change. I talked with President and with my leaders about my companion and all that they told me was that I needed to do what I have to do as a senior companion and although she gets mad at me, I have to talk with her about what is wrong and try to work through it. Well, I talked to her again. And nothing has changed except the fact that she hates me even more than before and works even less than before. This week she didn't leave with me for 5 days, slept in through our studies every morning and completely ignores me all day (So you can imagine how well we are teaching together). The members are starting to get impatient with her and the investigators don't want us to visit them, but...prayer and diligence help. ALOT. And although I feel a little ready to leave Turin and go somewhere fresh and new, I am praying with all of my heart that I can stay here during the change, receive a new companion and finish out the work that there is to do here with the investigators that we have and hopefully leave a different companion here that will take care of the area. I hate to leave it with Hermana Osorio, but I also know whatever happens, President will be guided by revelation to know what to do. I cant say it wasn't revelation to put Hermana Osorio and I together, because although it has been fairly miserable, I have learned a TON of patience, charity and have been prepared in many ways to become a better companion. I'm just going to do the best I can do in the next two weeks to try to see her heart and soul as heavenly Father sees her. I'm going to pray more, be more patient and try to put my whole mind into the work. 

Overall as far as it goes for our investigators, it was a better week than last week, but we still have alot of ways we need to help them. On Saturday after the second session we went to Levi, Vilma and Pauolas house to visit them. When we got there, they were fighting and he was super drunk. Vilma (the mom) ran for behind the house crying. We talked with him for a couple minutes before we ran back to check on her. It was so sad to watch her just cry and I was so grateful in those moments for the spirit. As we talked with her about what she learned and felt at the temple, I think she was able to feel the spirit really touch her heart for the first time and she realized the importance of what she is learning right now. As we went back into the house, the spirit followed us and surprising, although he was drunk, we had a pretty good lesson. He talked to us as we finished about how he wanted to regain his wives trust and change his life. We talked with him about how the gospel and living for the principles taught by the prophets could help him and he agreed (bolo and all) to attend the priesthood session so he quickly changed and we sent our drunk investigator off to priesthood session. We haven't had a chance to talk with them since, but i am  hoping he got machetied a little and that he will actually make a change in his life and that it wasn't just his drunk self talking. I love this family so so much. I pray every day all day that they may accept the gospel and make the necessary changes to live it. 

I hope that you all had the chance to watch every session of conference...if not at least watch was my favorite! I cant pick a favorite talk but I really really liked the talk by Elder Waddell and as always Jeffery R Holland...tienen que veerlo! I definitely learned alot of things that I need to mejorar. And I really liked the scripture that Elder Holland shared. I always feel like I am on such a high after general conference and then get super disappointed in myself when I don't reach my goals and am not able to change the things that I would like...but I have faith that this time things are going to be better. I have more faith in my Savior than I have ever had before and I know He is going to help me here to become the missionary that I want to be.

I love you all..and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe...and Ill talk to you next week and fill you in on our move and updates here in Turin. 

Hermana Stoor

​I will send more next week...but here is a picture of our adventure to the river divider between Guate y El Salvador! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

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