called to serve

called to serve

Monday, March 7, 2016


Lots of changes happening here as well in El Salvador. We have cambios this week. Hermana Crowley is going to be in Santa Ana and I get to stay here! It is going to be sad to see her go...but I am pretty excited to have a Latina companion so I can learn the language a little faster and better. I feel like I am doing okay....but it is going to be a lot faster when I absolutely have to speak in Spanish all day. I really feel like its going to be a good thing. I love Hermana Crowley alot and am going to be sad to see her go...but I also think I will be able to progress alot faster with the new change. 

Things have been strange here in Turìn over the past few weeks and the next change is going to bring lots of new and exciting things. There has been kind of a sad feeling here, but with reason. Forgot to write about it but...the week before last the 2 year old of one of our menos activos here was killed by their dog. I don't know the whole story but apparently the baby sitter wasn't in the room with her and the Grandma heard her screaming from down the street and when she got there the dog had for some reason just torn into her. Awful awful awful story and we spent all of last week chasing people all around Turìn because there was so much going on with the family. This week, two people died here in Turìn for gang violence and there has just been a weird feeling here. But everything will hopefully pick up soon. There are some big parties going on these next couple weeks and then some big catholic tradition the next and EVERYONE is going to be out in the streets ALL DAY for the next couple weeks with catholic processions and say how its going to it will be an interesting month. Also the rain is starting! Which I am partially excited for and partially not. Its been way way WAY more humid this week and I have been understand the real heat of El Salvador. It has been pretty miserable...but a super rainy good day today so I am hoping for the best. Excited to experience the rain...and also scared....Hermana Crowley said when it rains there is no avoiding it and you pretty much have water almost up to your knees every that will be interesting...i will try to send you some good photos :)

Nestor is still doing just wonderful! We see changes in him almost every time we see him and he is soooo excited for his baptism! He is going to be baptized on the 16th and he is so ready. Mynor agreed for a baptism date on the 30th of April so I am just praying that I can stay here for that! We found 15 new investigators this week and we are expecting some big things week...I just hope I can do my part with all of them. I need your prayers more than ever with all these changes! But Mom...I am healthy. I am happy. And I am safe. :)

Love you all! Stay close to the gospel. Read your scriptures. And pray to God. BECAUSE HE IS REAL! 

Hermana Stoor

Got this sweet note from president this week! I could have asked for a better president. I really feel like he always knows exactly what we need. 

Hermana Stoor,
I am really grateful for your consistently positive attitude, as tough as things might be at times. Good job.
Pdte. Spjut

​This is Alba Lopez! She helps us so much with the work here and we just love her! Also she feeds us chocolate covered we love her even more. haha :)

Some of my favorite people here in Turìn! I have really come to love the Familia Pichinte over the past few weeks and Hermana Evelin too! 

Hermana Evelin, Maira Pichinte, Hermana Crowley and I, Jessica and Sophie and Eber (nuestra lider misional de barrio)

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