called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Buenos Tardes! 
Another good but super hard week at the MTC. The Spanish is improving...but its been slower over the past few weeks as we have been working more on our teaching skills. My companion and I did a companionship inventory and it really is making all the difference... Our teaching has improved alot! Good thing too...we went out on the street for our first time this week! It was a little frightening..the streets here kind of scare me. It makes me nervous to get out there but I also cant wait to leave and start teaching real investigators! We placed two Book of Mormons though! We saw these two men fixing their tire on their car at the gas station down the street and after a few minutes of hesitation decided they were our guys. We understood only about half of what they said but enough to be able to place a book of mormon with each of them! They seemed interested so that was a plus! Then we headed down towards the mall on the other side of the CCM and saw a nice looking woman...that we then pretty much ran after to catch up...first mistake. We tried to talk her into taking the Book of Mormon at least four different ways...but she kept coming up with an excuse so we had to give up. Kinda put us down...but Im hoping Leandro and Cesar will enjoy their Book of Mormons. Also got their hopefully they will be getting a call from the missionaries in Guatemala Central soon! 

Happy Happy Birthday to Grandma Petersen. I didnt realize until right after I got offline last week that I didnt have another Pday before your birthday! Love you so much and hope you had a good day! 

It is hard to believe I have been here four weeks. Two of the elders in my district informed me yesterday that dogs still probably speak better Spanish..but ya know. Its coming. haha We are doing our best to do solo Espanol. Hermana Ball is our Hermana Training Leader and she has really been pushing it. I can already see a difference. It has been hard to remember this week though because the CCM is pretty much just Norte Americanos ahora. El latinos salieron por su misions,...uhhh...last week on Friday...5 days early because the mission presidents have some big meeting all week this week and wanted to be there when they got there. SO since they has just been the 20ish i flew in with, the 10ish Queqchi elders and like 3 other people. But the quietness will die this week. WE ARE GETTING 97 LATINOS THIS WEEK. and also roommates...which me and Hermana Schiess are kinda bummed about.But we will love them I am sure! I love the Latinas. They are the sweetest people. I just really need to work on conjugating my verbs. The vocab isnt hard...just the grammar. Sometimes when we feel our heads are going to explode all 5 of the hermanas I flew in with and me run out on the volleyball court and sing our hearts out to Taylor Swift or One Direction at lunch. Its a good stress reliever. We also sing Nearer my God to thee in place of the cup song...its a thing now here. haha 

We have had some really good devotionals all week as fav was a video devo with elder bednar. He talked about how we all need to TURN OUT when we think our lives are getting hard. He talked about how the Savior after He suffered in Getsemane, he healed the ear of the soldier and then worried about his mother as he was being lifted on the cross. And then while on the cross...he was still more worried about the men hanging by him. That is true selflessness. I gain a stronger and stronger testimony every day of the Atonement of the Savior. If there is one thing I would want you to all know, It is that I love the Savior with all of my heart. Yo se que Cristo sufrir en la cruz y en la Jardín por cada una de nosotros. Yo se que si nosotros seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo en la tierra, nosotros podemos regressar de Dios y vivir con Dios para eternidad! 
Love you all!
 Hermana Stoor

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Hermana Megan Stoor. We love you. I am sure you are doing a wonderful job when it comes to teaching and learning the language. Do your best and the Spirit will do the rest.