called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, 2015

Buenos Dias!
Love the letters...thanks so much! We got out of the temple late and went through our letter time today but luckily our teacher is suuuuper nice and snuck us in after lunch. The weeks move so fast here. It really doesn't seem like it has been a whole week since I last wrote. But it is so nice to get your emails...sounds like lots of good things happening around home. Congrats Dad on the new job with the school board...that is so exciting. Wish I was there to celebrate the news with you. Sounds like from a few emails I got this week it is starting to get a little chilly in the valley. Everytime we see or hear anything about snow me and my companion freak out a little. In fact, today in the temple I cried a little because of how much I miss Idaho. I have now seen all 4 of the videos that they show in the temple. And the one that we watched today had quakie trees all over..I shed a few tears. But I also love Guatemala. The weather is so perfect here all the time. I love the rain..and i love looking out the windows at all the trees. The mountain by the CCM looks like a true rainforest....with great and spacious buildings all over it. haha 

We got to go last week to the little market down the street and it was so humbling. The people are so nice and they have so little. Also a little scary. I feel like the guys with machine guns are always staring at us....maybe because our elders in our district like to stick us right in the middle of them. Its kinda cute...and partially annoying. haha But my district is so good. I am so blessed. Hermana Schiess and me were talking the other night about how it felt like when we got here, we had known them all for years. We just switched district leaders..his name is Elder Taylor and he is already doing such a fantastic job...I have been amazed how much closer we have gotten with each other because of some of the things he has done. Elder Rock is my favorite elder in our district...not that anyone but him knows that....but we are about on the same level with our Spanish and he reminds me of some of my good friends at school. He is literally my ROCK some days. This week has been more of a struggle than any of the rest of them...mostly because me and my companion have not been getting along. Elder Rock has helped me so much with that...through him and my teacher I think we have mostly worked things out. We had a "companionship inventory" and told each other all of our feelings...and I think its going to all go up from here. We are great friends when we don't have to work together. hahaha but as soon as we start preparing or teaching a lesson...we get super frustrated. BUT we both have things we know we need to work on now and it is already getting better.

This week there isn't too much that is new...its hard to know what to write because it is literally the same thing every single day. I did have to speak in sacrament meeting this week which was TERRIFYING. You are supposed to prepare a five minute talk for every Sunday and they call you on the spot. My district also sang...then as soon as we sat down he started calling out the names....He always announces the mission and then the person....i just heard him say "El Salvador Santa Ana mission" and then he was fumbling through his papers trying to find my name but I knew it was me because I am the only person going there. I sometimes wonder if my mission actually exists. haha Pretty scary giving my first talk in Spanish...but President Cox said he thought I gave a really good talk. Whether or not the Latinos could understand me or not I don't know,,,but he could so that's all that matters. haha :) 

Today I did get some pretty exciting news! Hermana Cox came and asked me if I would be willing to sing at the Christmas lunch we are having at the CCM on December 2nd. Don't know all the details yet but I'm pretty excited. Most exciting part...the Guatemalan dignitaries..the whole government for Guatemala City and our area 70 and who knows else are going to be there...guess I better start practicing up on my Spanish Christmas songs! 

Sorry I haven't been good at answering questions...wrote some down this time so I could remember so here we go! We have devos ALL day on Sunday...we had one big devo a couple weeks ago with Elder Ochoa of the seventy...we have another seventy coming tonight...and Elder THEE Elder Nelson is coming I think next week! Most of our Devos are with the senior couples that serve around Guatemala...they all come to the CCM for church and it is so so wonderful. I love LOVE  LOVE the senior couples. Annnnd Box....I want pictures...just get all the pictures you can and print them off...I didn't bring near enough. The other stuff I have thought of I could get here....but if you want to send it that's great too....a waterproof watch...mine are both soaked from just the few times i have been out in the rain....a gray or blue cardigan....and PEANUT BUTTER M&MS. I would kill for some of those right now. Also in an email if you can....the lyrics to Follow Your Arrow wherever it points and Family is Family...I miss those songs. haha Love you all so much! SIEMPRE! 

Hermana Stoor attached these 2 pictures & wrote:
These are the only pictures I am allowed to send...but you will get more in three weeks when I'm in El Salvador for sure!
That is my RAMA (branch). there is a whole other Rama...those pictures were from the first week half of them are gone. The Mtc is alot smaller now...but next week we have 97 Latinos coming in so its going to get pretty crazy...we will be the ONLY Nortes here....6 girls...and about 16 elders.

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