called to serve

called to serve

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hermana Stoor is on her way

Monday evening Megan was set apart as a full-time missionary by President Wade Clark.  She was given a very special blessing that will be a comfort to her over the next 18 month.  We loaded up and headed to Grantsville, UT to stay with her Uncle Russell & Aunt Monica. We made a stop in Tooele the next morning to try and catch some family & spent the rest of our day in Salt Lake City.  Megan has always loved the Salt Lake Temple and we were able to spend our afternoon taking in a session there - what an unbelievable building!

We had a nice lunch together and frantically shopped for a few last minute things before we headed to the airport.  Her luggage by the way weighed 50 & 51 lbs.  The guy behind the counter just smiled and let her go:

A few photos at the airport:
We were relieved to find out that other missionaries were making the flights to Guatemala as well - 3 sisters and I think 5 elders that we could find:

I asked for a goodbye wave:

Dad had some parting advice & then saying goodbye is not so easy:

One of the hardest things you will ever be asked to do as a parent is let them go - even when you know it is for such a good purpose and that the Lord will watch over them.  I'ts one of those things I don't think anyone can understand until they experience it.  BEST WORST DAY EVER!

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