called to serve

called to serve

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Email from Guatemala!

Hi family! I only have five minutes. My P-day will trade around days so you are asked to write me on Sundays. I made it obviously i guess to Guatemala! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. THERE ARE TREES AND OLD BRICK BUILDINGS ALL AROUND US. The weather is actually so wonderful. and it for real smells good here. haha no joke! My companion is Sister Shiess..she was the girl mom talked to in the airport..long brown striped shirt and pretty smile..that's her :) She is from Provo...two in my room...don't know about district. Santiago district is all i of my counselors is from caribou county originally! Presidente Lloyd. Temple on P-day whenever that is...flight was good...i have met so many friends! have to you all! send to siblings!

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