called to serve

called to serve

Monday, February 8, 2016


What a week. I have been worried sick all week that someone was super super sick at home. So I am so happy for so many reasons today! Bishop Stoor. How weird. But how exciting! Prayers your way always! I have always been grateful for the example of you, Mom and Dad, in the way you fulfill your callings. And I know with this new calling you will do just the same. Thanks for all the new fotos this week as well! I am so happy you all have such good goals and am excited to hear about the blessing you receive as you attend the temple monthly. There is no better way to receive blessings from the Lord than through service in the temple. I miss going every week like i was able to at school and in the CCM, but we received some exciting news last night...we get to go to the temple on the 18th of this month! The temple in San Salvador is soooo beautiful and I can wait to go inside and do another Spanish session! I loved that in the MTC. My last week, I got to go through a Spanish was an AMAZING experience...and I am sure I should be able to understand everything now  a little better!

The work has slowed down a little bit here in Turin as they all just started school over the past two weeks and it has honestly been a suuuuper hard week this week. But we have plans this week to find as many new investigators as we possibly can. We are running a little thin in our investigator pool. But those we have right now are soooooo good! We were sad this week that Mynor didn't get baptized but we are working with him everyday to rebuild his faith and desire. We had a council with a few of the members and we were told that we cannot teach inside or around his home because three of his family members who live there are gang members and they feel that it is unsafe. So, this week we had Mynor meet us in front of our house so that we could talk with him about it. HARDEST thing I have ever had to do. He was so positive and has been improving and changing every day but this talk knocked him down pretty hard as you can imagine and we have been struggling all week with him. But I think we still have a chance...just need all the prayers that we can get! 

Horacio was also supposed to be getting baptized this coming week, but we are going to have to move his date back a little as well. He is so great though. I only am afraid that he might fall and hurt himself. He really scares me sometime. We are also going to go look today for some stronger reading glasses for him so that he can do more reading in the Book of Mormon. But he loves it! And is so excited. He comes to us with new questions and stories to tell us about is reading every time. It makes me so sad he had to wait 75 years to receive the gospel.He is wonderful! 

Well, my time is getting cut a little short again. But just know I love you so proud of the good decisions you are making and pray for you each individually every day. That's one thing I have learned here....sometimes its okay to just kneel down at night and have an hour long conversion with the Lord...sometimes its very necessary! Hes always ready to listen and always ready to help...we just have to knock! God is real. Jesus Christ is His true son, with flesh and bones just like us. And this gospel is His! Stay close to the rod. 

Hermana Stoor

​Intercambios with Hermana Ramos! There's no better place than El Salvador...and there aren't a better race of people than the Latinos. I love them so much! 

​And there's also some not so good things about  El the sancuros. Just praying none of them that get me have any diseases.

​Recognize Alexandra's dress? I was wearing it last Sunday and she came up and gave me a big hug and asked me how much i loved her. haha She needed a red dress for the stake conference we had this week so she could be in the choir, so we had it taken in a little and she looked just beautiful! We just love this girl :)

​These are the cute kids that live across the field from us...they come over for snacks every once in a while when they see us outside washing dishes and clothes. I just love the kids here!

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